Happy New Year – 1-1-2018


Happy New year!   I was knitting along on my sweater and suddenly realized it was after midnight.  Since I was streaming something from Prime, I never did see any of the ball dropping or other new year’s festivities on tv.

But it was after midnight and that means…….

the new year of EatSleepKnit’s Yarnathon had been announced.  🙂


I’ve gone from being a Gumblebee in 2017 to being a Herknit Crab in 2018.  crab

(Do you suppose that’s a helical stripe knit shell?)

Anyway my brothers used to have hermit crabs as pets when we were little.  We lived in an old house with those big black cast iron ornate grates over the heat ducts.  My brothers had their crabs out crawling around on the floor and all of a sudden there was a “clunk”.  Yep – hermit crab had crawled through the grate and fell – luckily the grate could be removed and he was rescued.

The theme, as you might have guessed, for 2018 is Under the Sea.  And seven minutes into the new year, I had to place my first yarn order.  Really I did – it was one of the special colorways to go with the theme which are only available a short time (sometimes already gone by the time I receive the advance notice email that they are available).

seawitchSo some BMFA Medium Weight (sport weight) in Sea Witch colorway is headed my way.  It won’t linger in the stash because I’m going to use it for my Touchstone in the Fogbound Knits Jan/Feb Shawl KAL and that shawl will also qualify for the Yarnathon Shawl badge.


But now to go cast on my first Yarnathon project – the first quarterly KAL is any pattern from Tincan Knits.

outlanderA lot of their patterns aren’t really my personal style but I found a cowl pattern which will likely go in the gift or donation pile.  And it’s from stash yarn (yes I really am planning to use a lot of stash yarn this year) and is Mad Tosh DK in Outlander.  The pattern is Simple Yet Effective Cowl and I’ve had it in my Ravelry library since 11/2015 so about time I got around to making this oh so simple design.



knitting newyear


Hope your have a healthy and happy and stress free 2018, spending your free time doing what you love.


5 comments on “Happy New Year – 1-1-2018

  1. Happy New Year! I was hoping you’d be one the Narwool team with me and Judy. Hope you’re staying warm. Thankfully, it is supposed to “warm up” by the end of the week.

    • Nope I’m hanging with the Crabs this time. If it gets above 10 degrees it will seem like a heatwave! At least I have lots of wooly projects to plan. 🙂 But you and Judy and on the same team? that does not bode well for the rest of us. LOL

  2. Happy New Year from frozen West Texas. Cold but no snow, good day to stay in and watch parades. Happy knitting. Slowlyqltn

  3. Ha ha. Someone else is playing on the computer as 2018 begins. It is way into the new day here and I’m still reading through my favorite blogs instead of working on finishing a sock. I love seeing your knitted projects, so I’ll pass on ordering yarn right off. Stay warm and happy knitting in 2018.

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