Christmas Day – 2017



Merry Christmas.    I put up the little tree yesterday.  I usually buy two or three new ornaments every year to add to my collection of European Glass type ornaments.  This year four new ones were added (well it was a good sale after all!) – the mouse is probably my favorite – holding little red berries.   The other three are just a bit too large for the little tree so they are sitting in the shelving containing my needle holder and thimble holder collection which also has a few other little decorations too.   The fat bunny rabbit (top right photo) and the scissors and Brussel sprout (bottom right.  Yes – everyone should have a Brussel sprout for their tree!

And it ended up being a white Christmas.  If it weren’t so cold, the sun would have melted this snow already but the cold wave has arrived so it’s only single digits outside.


Yesterday I spent most of the day knitting and am up to the armholes on this sweater I started Friday nite.


There was more to this blog post but WordPress seems to be having issues today and deleted it – so I’ll take that as a hint and get off the computer and move on to other things.



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    • Thank you – this sweater is worsted weight (and a very simple pattern) so it’s moving right along (unlike that sweater in fingering weight I was working on).

  1. I love, LOVE your Tree and that mouse! Merry Christmas to you and yours! Where do you get your ornaments? Happy New Year!

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