Sunday stuff….

I have worked on several cleaning/organizing projects today and when I look around me in the living room it looks like I haven’t cleaned anything at all.  🙂   But I really did make some headway and having blocking mats on the living room floor with a project blocking doesn’t tend to make things look tidy.

One of those weird tasks I did today – gleening the socks.   It was the day to wash a load of hand knit socks (which I only do when I have nearly run out – I can go nearly a month) and I’ve gotten lazy.  I used to hang them over a wooden rack to dry – more often than not I toss them in the dryer now on lower heat.

ain.JPG I have had a pair or two that have felted a bit or shrunk a little but so far I think it’s been a good trade off.  I’m allergic to so many things and have discovered the smell of wet wool is one of those things that makes me sneeze.  (Let’s hope I never get lost in a flock of sheep during a rainstorm!)  But some of the socks got fuzzy or had pills and I remembered the gleener I had gotten a while back.

Worked perfect – my socks are fuzz free.  And did a couple sweaters too.

I was going to get out the little Christmas Tree and put it up but I haven’t gotten to clean that area where it will go and I need to drag out the big Christmas tub to find what I need – I ran out of steam today with all the other chores I did get done.

When I finished the fingerless mitts, I finished the last ESK Yarnathon project I plan to finish before the end of the year.  And with my shawl currently on the blocking matts right now, that’s the last TLE Challenge project I needed to get photos of before the end of the year.    So the question is – now what to knit on???  Okay I know there’s lots of projects in the works to pick back up and that’s what I’ve been doing the last couple of days but a couple of them are too large or too involved to use for my bus knitting so I need to figure out what my bus knitting project will be.     One of the things cluttering the living room is the big basket of knitting projects that have gotten all jumbled up so  guess I’ll go untangle projects and decide which one to work on tonight.

But I’ll leave you with some lovely yarn images – I’m still debating which set to use for the Gardens of Giverny stole.  It will all depend on how long I want to make it in the end but I will likely be using one of these


And a cute little bag I won from That Clever Clementine thru the last test knit I did for Fogbound Knits.   It’s one of her Snapdragon bags (which snap shut without closures) and  will be perfect for my sunglasses that do not fit into a normal glass case.20171217_5