More finished projects – count down to end of year

More projects off the needles this week.   Between the ESK Yarnathon, Great Loopy Knitting and Sewing Challenges, and Indie GAL that all end the end of this month, I’m trying to figure out what projects I truly want (and have time to finish) and what needs to have the finishing details done (block and photographing, binding one, etc.)

The two finishes this weekend were both projects for the Indie GAL.  I got two project finished which was one more than I originally thought I’d do.

My DaVinci cowl is finished.  This is the 8th one I’ve made and I love all of them.  If you like color pooling, I highly recommend the pattern.  It’s so fun to see how a specific yarn looks when forced to pool.


and rearranged to move the blue at the edges to the center it looks like


It goes well with my dark gray coat it is photographed on top of.  Then I also made a pair of matching mitts from the left over yarn.  The yarn was held doubled.  I like the contrast between pooled in the cowl and nonpooled in the mitts.


Robin Pattern Mitts S12-1-17 F 12-2-17

The Robin-23 mitts pattern is a really easy one – bulky yarn (or worsted doubled in this case), mock cables, seamed and just a slit-type opening for the thumbs.  I made the cuffs a bit longer.

Then I realized I haven’t gotten the ESK “Give Yourself A Hand” badge which is for mitts or mittens. These don’t use enough yardage on their own but I can make another pair (I actually want to make two pairs for gifts so it works out well) in some bulky yarn I got and all together they will qualify for the badge.  The next mitts I want to make are Cozy Fingerless Mitts – these would be great for a beginner knitter since it’s just a garter rectangle that is seamed and really quick to make.  I plan to cast on a few more stitches to make them a bit longer.


Also finished off the toe last night on this helical striped sock with mock cable cuff.  This pair is for an ESK badge too but I don’t know that I’ll get the second one done before the end of the month.

I finished a total of six hats for the ESK FKAL Mad Hatter Dash.  (The color work one I started didn’t get finished yet) and this Toph hat was the last one I finished.  It fits perfectly and I love how this turned out.  I’m actually keeping it for myself I think even though I hate wearing hats.  Such a fun knit – I can see making more of these in my future.


Toph S11-15-17 – F11-28-17

And my ESK and TLE Black Friday purchases have arrived



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  1. You have some beautiful finishes so far. I love the colors and results on your cowl. I’m not a fan of wearing hats for fashion, but I do in the winters because my ears are always freezing. Your Mad Hatter hat is gorgeous.

    • Your comment got caught in the spam filter – I pulled you out of there. 🙂 Thanks. I’m not a hat wearer either but that hat I will wear (I think) on the coldest days of winter.

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