Black Friday

I’m so confused – I keep thinking it’s Saturday since I went out to breakfast with a friend and we normally go on Saturdays or Sunday.   We went to a restaurant not near the mall or Target or any of the other major shops and it was fairly empty – everyone else was out Black Friday shopping.   She asked if I had any BF shopping I needed to do – absolutely positively not and I think she breathed a sigh of relief that I wasn’t going to ask her to stop at the mall. LOL

We did stop at Hy-Vee.  I actually have my main grocery order coming tomorrow for delivery but I knew we would be stopping there today (because my friend needed to stop there) and decided not to order for delivery the fresh fruit/veg stuff I wanted, plus I had forgotten to add something to the list and order my bus tickets.  So a quick stop at Hy-Vee – which was the emptiest I’ve ever seen it – picked up a couple fruits and veggies, got the bus tickets and we were back out of there without running into any crazy shoppers.

Once home  I did my BF shopping – ESK had their annual sale and I got some lovely Mad Tosh DK.  I love the Yoko colorway and had used all if it I had previously bought so I ordered a bit of that and some solid colors for some other projects since DK yarn is not something I have much of in my stash.


And I didn’t want TLE to feel left out so ordered a couple items from their sale.


There, shopping done and no crowds or lines to face!

Now on to a little cleaning – I’ve actually got the door cracked open to let some fresh air in — who would have thought that on November 24 it is supposed to get into the upper 50s.

Then to find a good movie and get back to my test knit which is progressing nicely.