Knitting update

The ESK Mad Hatter Holiday Dash KAl continues – knitting hats until the end of November.  I took my fifth finished hat off the block mat this  morning.


It’s made following the same Newling pattern I made the prior blue hat out of but I switched up the stitch pattern on this one – using sort of a basic rib stitch and then adding twisted stitches every so often on the front half of the hat.  I also switched from I-cord ties to just 4 or 5 rows of seed stitch.  I may or may not add the pom – it goes really well with this hat in real life (not necessarily in this photo) but it will depend on where this hat ends up.    I have two more hats in progress on the needles.

I’ve also been working on a test knit – here’s a sneek peek of the yarns I’m using – Miss Babs Big Silk which feels very nice.


I’ve got a four day weekend to work on projects and definitely need to do some cleaning and pull out all my winter clothes which I haven’t done yet.

But today – some knitting, movie watching, going to head to the kitchen and mix up some no knead bread to bake tomorrow and contemplate whether I need to bake some kind of pie for me.  I totally forgot to add the pumpkin pie stuff to my last grocery delivery but I think there is stuff to make lemon meringue (my favorite) or frozen fruit in the freezer (of course, where else would you keep your frozen fruit!).

I’m also planning my project(s) for the Indie Design Gift Along on Ravelry.  All info at that link —hundreds (or more) patterns on sale from the design participants, tons and tons of prizes to be won just by participating.  I think I won 3 or 4 different prizes last year just by knitting a project or two and posting photos in the discussion boards of them (lots of random drawing prizes).

This year, I’m not going crazy with projects because I have other things to finish before the end of the year – hats and some Great Loopy knitting and sewing challenge projects – but I’m going to try to make another DaVinci Cowl – you know how much I love that design.  Mary-Ann is one of the designers participating in the GAL and you can find her DaVinci Cowl  and her other designs that are on sale for the GAL at this link: Mary-Ann Lammers.    Every designer who participates has a bundle of patterns on sale right now (but you can make any of their patterns).    I’m going to be making a worsted weight version this time and using this yarn – the color is Gumdrop Mountain.  If I get stuck in a snowbank wearing this cowl someone will definitely spot me in those bright colors.


Okay I must get off the computer, out of my jammies, and into the kitchen.


Happy Thanksgiving