Lots of Time

clock If you live where you need to adjust your clocks today – did you remember to do that?

I really only have the stove clock to remember to turn, my alarm clock adjusts itself automatically.   I still wake up the same time usually so today seems like a very long day to me – 2:15 PM and it feels like it should be about 6 PM but maybe that’s just because I’ve accomplished a lot – but it still seems like I have lots of time on my hands today  but I’m not complaining.

Many loads of laundry and other cleaning have been done.  Groceries were delivered this morning  between rain showers so at least the delivery man wasn’t trudging thru a downpour to my door with them.  But it is a chilly, damp, dark day.

I had planned to make a big pot of soup today and then realized after the groceries arrived I had forgotten a key ingredient.  So much for that plan today.  But there’s  a backup plan of tatertot casserole, warm crusty French bread (which I made) and since I’ll have the oven going anyway for the casserole, I’ve been hungry for pineapple casserole so yum nothing like some hot yummy pineapple. Total comfort food for a dreary day. And tho I’m not really keen on eating leftovers – those are both I definitely love leftover so I’ll be having some good lunches this week.

As I was cleaning I came across a cowl I had started knitting and then set aside for some other project – it’s another Across the Heath cowl – I’ve made several and love the simple texture and super simple knitting.   So I’ve knit a few rows here and there throughout the day and should be able to finish this one off tonight or tomorrow.


And yesterday I pulled out some yarn to work on my “Disco Duck” badge for the Eat.Sleep.Knit Yarnathon.   Don’t know if I’ll get these finished in time but new socks are always a good thing.  The Disco Duck badge requirement is that you make something with “Disco” meaning “Discontinued” yarn – either discontinued by the dyer or the shop.  I pulled out some Cephalopod Bugga! in Jewel Anemone (the multicolored) and Flamboyant Cuttlefish (the solid).  I have been wanting to make helical striped socks after making the Helical Stripes Cowl because those spiraling stripes are so easy to do.

So used the same mock cable as the cowl edging to make the cuff of my socks and then started off on the helical stripes and got about 4″ done last night.  I would have gotten more done but one of the hanks of yarn was not cooperating and I had to wind it by hand because it was tangled – it was definitely a Bugga!!!


I forgot that this is sport weight and not fingering – and while it’s not a heavy sport, I’ll probably make some adjustments on the foot – decreasing more stitches after the instep to keep the foot part form fitting without extra fabric in it.  My plan (if I remember it when I get there) is to make a solid heel flap and solid colored toe.  The multicolored yarn has some sections of the same color as the solid so it sort of fades out in bits here and there in the stripes but I knew it would do that and like it.

And a bit more playing   – checking out the new features of EQ8.   I think I’ll all this Pineapple Casserole. 🙂

pineapple casserole.JPG