Lost pair of socks

Not lost, as in I can’t find them, lost as they are a lost cause and finally had to make a trip to the wastebasket.


But dang – these were among my favorite pairs of socks – which is probably why they wore out.  I’m hard on socks – the minute I walk in the door at night I kick off my shoes and pad around in my socks.  The added friction against the carpets likely makes them wear out faster but that’s the way it goes.  I did look back to see when I finished these socks — early January 2012.  So nearly six years of wear – I certainly can’t complaint about that, especially since the yarn was 100% with no nylon in it.

Of course now this means I need to dig out the Nine to Five pattern and make a replacement pair since I so love the cabley look on the legs.  That pattern is definitely in my top five favorite sock patterns.

On the blocking mats today is my 4th Quarter KAL project for the Eat.Sleep.Knit yarnathon.  Once it’s dried, I just need to figure out buttons.


It will go in my gifting pile since it says it’s supposed to be a 3T-4T size.  I now am a Great Aunt to two little girls but they are both too small for this – although next spring it may fit one of them.  Kids knits are so fun to do.  And this type of lace is one of my favorites to knit because I can easily read my stitches and tell what’s next without having to read the pattern line for line.



14 comments on “Lost pair of socks

  1. I haven’t made as many pairs as you and so far, have not worn out any. I’m still a newbie with sock yarns and was wondering why you do not like Bamboo in your sock yarn. Does it have wearability problems or knitting issues? Just curious.

    • I think in all the years I’ve been knitting socks, I only had a total of four pairs that have worn out. Two of those were my favorite pairs that were worn a lot for many years and definitely had a good long life. The other two pairs had very very short lives. I couldn’t believe how quickly holes were worn in them – like within a year – and the one thing they had in common was that they were both blends with bamboo in them. So on that basis, that’s why I don’t use it for socks. It can be a bit splitty but not enough that I wouldn’t knit a cowl or something else with it.

  2. My socks have recently started to sprout holes and head for the trash, it was hard, but a good excuse to buy more yarn. I usually get about 6 or 7 years, too.

  3. no, no; not the wastebasket…just use them as window wipers.. then they can continue to brighten your fun!

    • Window wipers?? you mean like rags to clean windows? Being that I’m allergic to dust having a fuzzy sock to use for cleaning just makes my skin go allergy crawly just thinking about it. 🙂

  4. You could darn them. Just a thought. But perhaps the bottoms are just waiting to make another hold being so worn.

    • I find one kind of yarn I like and then another dyer comes out with something else and it’s my new favorite. I’m not real fussy about sock yarns other than I don’t like ones with bamboo blends in them so there’s lots to pick from in the stash – even some of the same type of yarn of the old socks.

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