Black Friday

I’m so confused – I keep thinking it’s Saturday since I went out to breakfast with a friend and we normally go on Saturdays or Sunday.   We went to a restaurant not near the mall or Target or any of the other major shops and it was fairly empty – everyone else was out Black Friday shopping.   She asked if I had any BF shopping I needed to do – absolutely positively not and I think she breathed a sigh of relief that I wasn’t going to ask her to stop at the mall. LOL

We did stop at Hy-Vee.  I actually have my main grocery order coming tomorrow for delivery but I knew we would be stopping there today (because my friend needed to stop there) and decided not to order for delivery the fresh fruit/veg stuff I wanted, plus I had forgotten to add something to the list and order my bus tickets.  So a quick stop at Hy-Vee – which was the emptiest I’ve ever seen it – picked up a couple fruits and veggies, got the bus tickets and we were back out of there without running into any crazy shoppers.

Once home  I did my BF shopping – ESK had their annual sale and I got some lovely Mad Tosh DK.  I love the Yoko colorway and had used all if it I had previously bought so I ordered a bit of that and some solid colors for some other projects since DK yarn is not something I have much of in my stash.


And I didn’t want TLE to feel left out so ordered a couple items from their sale.


There, shopping done and no crowds or lines to face!

Now on to a little cleaning – I’ve actually got the door cracked open to let some fresh air in — who would have thought that on November 24 it is supposed to get into the upper 50s.

Then to find a good movie and get back to my test knit which is progressing nicely.




Knitting update

The ESK Mad Hatter Holiday Dash KAl continues – knitting hats until the end of November.  I took my fifth finished hat off the block mat this  morning.


It’s made following the same Newling pattern I made the prior blue hat out of but I switched up the stitch pattern on this one – using sort of a basic rib stitch and then adding twisted stitches every so often on the front half of the hat.  I also switched from I-cord ties to just 4 or 5 rows of seed stitch.  I may or may not add the pom – it goes really well with this hat in real life (not necessarily in this photo) but it will depend on where this hat ends up.    I have two more hats in progress on the needles.

I’ve also been working on a test knit – here’s a sneek peek of the yarns I’m using – Miss Babs Big Silk which feels very nice.


I’ve got a four day weekend to work on projects and definitely need to do some cleaning and pull out all my winter clothes which I haven’t done yet.

But today – some knitting, movie watching, going to head to the kitchen and mix up some no knead bread to bake tomorrow and contemplate whether I need to bake some kind of pie for me.  I totally forgot to add the pumpkin pie stuff to my last grocery delivery but I think there is stuff to make lemon meringue (my favorite) or frozen fruit in the freezer (of course, where else would you keep your frozen fruit!).

I’m also planning my project(s) for the Indie Design Gift Along on Ravelry.  All info at that link —hundreds (or more) patterns on sale from the design participants, tons and tons of prizes to be won just by participating.  I think I won 3 or 4 different prizes last year just by knitting a project or two and posting photos in the discussion boards of them (lots of random drawing prizes).

This year, I’m not going crazy with projects because I have other things to finish before the end of the year – hats and some Great Loopy knitting and sewing challenge projects – but I’m going to try to make another DaVinci Cowl – you know how much I love that design.  Mary-Ann is one of the designers participating in the GAL and you can find her DaVinci Cowl  and her other designs that are on sale for the GAL at this link: Mary-Ann Lammers.    Every designer who participates has a bundle of patterns on sale right now (but you can make any of their patterns).    I’m going to be making a worsted weight version this time and using this yarn – the color is Gumdrop Mountain.  If I get stuck in a snowbank wearing this cowl someone will definitely spot me in those bright colors.


Okay I must get off the computer, out of my jammies, and into the kitchen.


Happy Thanksgiving



That’s the name of this hat.  I started it yesterday and finished it off in the wee hours of the morning.  I just need a little troll to try it on. 🙂


The tassel and cord were not part of the pattern but I had just enough yarn left to make the tassle and crocheted cord.


And I finally got some “hat sized” new double pointed needles.  I had just on set that sometimes worked for hats but they were bamboo and if using chunky yarns the yarn really didn’t want to slide along those needles making it painful on the hands.

These are some  new Knitters Pride Zing needles TLE just started carrying.  They are metal and have a bit of weight to them – heavier than other metal needles I have used.   I like them and may think about getting sock needles (which they were sold out of at the time) but don’t know if I’d like the sizes larger than what I have already bought (US 6-8) because they might feel too heavy.

ESK also got some fun faux fur pom poms for hats so I might have ordered a few of them as well.  I was hoping a blue one would match one of the latest hats I had finished and look – it’s perfect!




The first snow

You had to look quick to see our first snowfall of the season this morning.


It quickly turned to rain so there’s no evidence of any snow anymore.  That’s just fine with me tho.

Things have been busy, but of course I’ve been knitting on a “few” projects.  Eat Sleep Knit is doing a FKAL for their Yarnathon – making hats.  So we have until the end of the month to make hats and earn rewards (discount coupon) and team rewards.  Not too late to join in and the info is all on their Ravelry board.

So hats it is and of course I have several on the needles (and a couple finished).  (I’m not posting links to the patterns here right now because I don’t have time but if you want to know the patterns just go to Ravelry and my projects (justquiltin) and you’ll find the info there.

The top left/top right/bottom right  – those three are finished.    The top right and bottom right are made from the same yarn.  I have similar yarn in a different colorway and since it apparently likes to pool I’m going to make another DaVinci Cowl for the upcoming Indie Gift-A-Long (info on that on Ravelry too – it starts soon and there are of course pattern discounts for a period of time).

Anyway back to hats – the brown colorwork one is nearing completion but I think it’s turning out small — although most of these are all for donation so it will fit someone somewhere.

The hat on the bottom left –  here’s a larger image.  I love knitting this hat – knit sideways, all garter stitch, no increases or decreases the shaping is all by short rows.  Truly fun and engaging knit and I think there will be more of this hat in my future.


I also have some furry looking pom poms to add to some hats and perhaps this chunky yarn will make quick to knit hats as well


I also put the buttons on this little girl’s vest this morning – it’s my ESK 4th Quarter KAL project and also earned me two other badges.



That’s all for now – have some chores that need to get

Socks and Snozberries


I made great progress on my sock during my Dr. Who binge watching.  Past the heel, which I remembered to make the solid color as I planned, and then back to the helical striping.

And I also bound off and buried ends on my Across the Heath cowl.  This Snozberries yarn is so pretty and goes with several of my coats.  I was originally going to gift it but I can’t bear to part with it since the yarn is no longer available… its mine mine all mine. 🙂




Lots of Time

clock If you live where you need to adjust your clocks today – did you remember to do that?

I really only have the stove clock to remember to turn, my alarm clock adjusts itself automatically.   I still wake up the same time usually so today seems like a very long day to me – 2:15 PM and it feels like it should be about 6 PM but maybe that’s just because I’ve accomplished a lot – but it still seems like I have lots of time on my hands today  but I’m not complaining.

Many loads of laundry and other cleaning have been done.  Groceries were delivered this morning  between rain showers so at least the delivery man wasn’t trudging thru a downpour to my door with them.  But it is a chilly, damp, dark day.

I had planned to make a big pot of soup today and then realized after the groceries arrived I had forgotten a key ingredient.  So much for that plan today.  But there’s  a backup plan of tatertot casserole, warm crusty French bread (which I made) and since I’ll have the oven going anyway for the casserole, I’ve been hungry for pineapple casserole so yum nothing like some hot yummy pineapple. Total comfort food for a dreary day. And tho I’m not really keen on eating leftovers – those are both I definitely love leftover so I’ll be having some good lunches this week.

As I was cleaning I came across a cowl I had started knitting and then set aside for some other project – it’s another Across the Heath cowl – I’ve made several and love the simple texture and super simple knitting.   So I’ve knit a few rows here and there throughout the day and should be able to finish this one off tonight or tomorrow.


And yesterday I pulled out some yarn to work on my “Disco Duck” badge for the Eat.Sleep.Knit Yarnathon.   Don’t know if I’ll get these finished in time but new socks are always a good thing.  The Disco Duck badge requirement is that you make something with “Disco” meaning “Discontinued” yarn – either discontinued by the dyer or the shop.  I pulled out some Cephalopod Bugga! in Jewel Anemone (the multicolored) and Flamboyant Cuttlefish (the solid).  I have been wanting to make helical striped socks after making the Helical Stripes Cowl because those spiraling stripes are so easy to do.

So used the same mock cable as the cowl edging to make the cuff of my socks and then started off on the helical stripes and got about 4″ done last night.  I would have gotten more done but one of the hanks of yarn was not cooperating and I had to wind it by hand because it was tangled – it was definitely a Bugga!!!


I forgot that this is sport weight and not fingering – and while it’s not a heavy sport, I’ll probably make some adjustments on the foot – decreasing more stitches after the instep to keep the foot part form fitting without extra fabric in it.  My plan (if I remember it when I get there) is to make a solid heel flap and solid colored toe.  The multicolored yarn has some sections of the same color as the solid so it sort of fades out in bits here and there in the stripes but I knew it would do that and like it.

And a bit more playing   – checking out the new features of EQ8.   I think I’ll all this Pineapple Casserole. 🙂

pineapple casserole.JPG

Lost pair of socks

Not lost, as in I can’t find them, lost as they are a lost cause and finally had to make a trip to the wastebasket.


But dang – these were among my favorite pairs of socks – which is probably why they wore out.  I’m hard on socks – the minute I walk in the door at night I kick off my shoes and pad around in my socks.  The added friction against the carpets likely makes them wear out faster but that’s the way it goes.  I did look back to see when I finished these socks — early January 2012.  So nearly six years of wear – I certainly can’t complaint about that, especially since the yarn was 100% with no nylon in it.

Of course now this means I need to dig out the Nine to Five pattern and make a replacement pair since I so love the cabley look on the legs.  That pattern is definitely in my top five favorite sock patterns.

On the blocking mats today is my 4th Quarter KAL project for the Eat.Sleep.Knit yarnathon.  Once it’s dried, I just need to figure out buttons.


It will go in my gifting pile since it says it’s supposed to be a 3T-4T size.  I now am a Great Aunt to two little girls but they are both too small for this – although next spring it may fit one of them.  Kids knits are so fun to do.  And this type of lace is one of my favorites to knit because I can easily read my stitches and tell what’s next without having to read the pattern line for line.