Many points

This morning I was looking at one of my blank walls thinking it needs a wall hanging on  it.  Yes there are probably various things already made that I could put up there but isn’t a new wall hanging always better?

So I was playing with a design I had started a while ago in EQ and trying to decide – do I need to update to the new EQ8 or not – still undecided on that and need to do a bit more research to decide if all the new bells and whistles are things I want or not and I’ve got a few days left before the early discounted pricing for the upgrade goes away.   Decisions, decisions.

Anyway, back to the design I was working on.  What a difference various color auditions, orientation of blocks, etc. can make.  I started with this design.   I like pointy points but you know that means paper piecing which I’m generally not fond of.  But you can’t beat it for accuracy and in some designs it’s fairly painless where you don’t have lots of different shapes you are covering.

I just picked some random colors to color this in to see how it would look with the blocks broken into zig zaggy columns.  I like it a lot due to all the movement in it and I like the colors.


But then, as I was twisting my head sideways  to look at it, I decided if it were to be a wall hanging on my living room wall, I would like it better sideways and colored it in more in a color combination I would like in my living room.  This version I absolutely love.

horizAnd one of my favorite EQ options when using a single block in a layout is the Symmetry button which with every click will turn all the blocks in the design through a random serious of  rotations and you can sometimes get some great new designs (and sometimes not). 🙂  Here’s six of the symmetry layouts – the coloring has not been moved in the blocks, the blocks have just been rotated various ways.

threetwo fivefour    abcdef


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