Well after watching the videos of  the new upgrades to EQ 8 I decided that for the reduced price of upgrade currently available, it was worth it.  There are several things that used to annoy me in EQ7 that have been changed in EQ8 to make them so much easier and timesaving to use.  So of course I had to play with it just a bit to see how all the new screens looked and check out some of the brand new blocks that have been added.

I snagged a few coffee and tea blocks from one of the libraries and quickly put them in a quilt layout.   It’s not a keeper design – there are things that would need to be changed – but it was fun to play with and I love all the stacked dishes…. perhaps because it reminds me of my own kitchen at the moment so I’m off to do some dishes (and/or load the dishwasher). 🙂

stacked up.JPG

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  1. Cute. Are those applique blocks or pieced ones. I guess that means you downloaded the EQ8 to be able to use it so quickly. I’m still on the fence.

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