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I can’t settle on a project today – keep flitting from doing a few things on the computer, unloading the dishwasher – go in search of a yarn hank (actually two) that I cannot find anywhere but don’t feel like dumping out whole tubs of yarn to find it – back to loading the dishwasher and everything is cluttered up so that I should just go from one end of the apartment to the other putting things back where they belong…… but I just don’t feel   like it! 🙂  I think this afternoon will be my lazy afternoon (especially since it’s about half over) and I’ll watch movies for the rest of the afternoon and knit.  I also need to sew the b binding down on my Halloween wallhanging.

Both of these Greyfel cowls are blocked and ready to wear.  Quick pattern in heavier yarn.  A great weekend project.  One will  be a gift and the rust one is to go with my new coat.  Overcast days, with a flake or two of snow seen floating down from the sky (only if you look very closely and at the right moment) are great days to take outdoor photos.  Finally a photo of the yarn called The Fox that shows up exactly as it looks in real life.


Greyfel S 10-14-17 / F 10-15-17

I do love this yarn.




Greyfel S 10-20-17 / F 10-21-17

I wasn’t sure how this yarn would look knit up but I think it turned out really well.


I also made some progress last night on this little girl’s vet which is a quarterly knit along project.  I’ve just got maybe 2″ more to knit.



And my pooling scarf that I’m going to steek is bound off and I just need to refresh my memory on what I had read about steeking before attempting it.  Once bound off the stockinette promptly rolled up into a coil — but look at those lovely colors.


My popcorn is made so now to find a movie.

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