Socktober Sock

Don’t know that this pair will be finished before the end of “Socktober” but I do have one sock finished off last night.


I stopped the pattern stitch when I started the heel flap because I prefer plain stockinette stitch across the top of my foot.  Good think too because the pattern stitch really ate up a lot of yarn so my second sock will have to have a different colored toe but that’s okay – no one will know but me (and of course now you since I told you). 🙂  I made the leg a bit shorter than normal due to how much yarn it was eating up but that didn’t help enough.  This sock looks like the foot is oddly shaped – sort of looks like the foot is not long enough but as you can see – it’s a perfect fit! – and my foot is definitely not short.




The second sock was cast on right away last night after I finished this one off and I’ve got a couple inches of the leg done so far.   The temps have taken a dip this week into the 40s so sock wearing weather is arriving soon (up until Tuesday I was still wearing my sandals) but Fall has now arrived.