Pooling fun


I’m working on a pooling scarf that I will steek.  This is Wollmeise yarn and it just knits up the stitches so evenly – I never get tired of looking at all those even rows.


That’s 400 stitches on the needles that I’m going round and round and round on.  But as you can see my yarn ball is getting smaller.  Since it’s Wollmeise there’s a lot of yardage on a hank but it should turn out just about the width I want and then I have a second hank that I will go back and add edging down each side after I steek it..  The reds and purples are really hard to get true colors photos of but my poor indoor light gave me the best one.



I loe the bright cherry red in this.  My pooling colors are starting to shift around more after I reached the middle of the hank of yarn – the  last part of that hank is not dyed quite as evenly as the rest so the colors have different lengths than previously but if the colors slide to one side or the other that will just add to the interest of the scarf.

I’ve also started another Greyfel cowl using this – which I’m calling the mud puddle cowl.  It has hints of pink in with the shades of brown but all are muddied colors.  I think it will look really pretty in the pattern.