Sunday Stitching Synopsis – October 15, 2017

Not much sewing this weekend.  I did do some straightening up of sewing stuff (as I was searching for something else) and did get the cat cut out and fused on to the Halloween wallhaning.


Now I just need to layer it and start quilting.

I started a new cowl yesterday and finished it several hours later  — in the wee hours of this am as I was binge watching Miss Marple.   Just a word of caution – if  visiting English villages look out – there seems to be an whole lot of people getting murdered in those villages!!

The cowl pattern is Greyfel by Fogbound Knits.


I made a few adjustments since I was using super bulky yarn rather than the weight called for in the pattern and good thing I did since I had just 3 yards leftover after I bound off.   This will be my “below zero” cowl and it matches my new coat very well.



I love the texture in this cowl pattern and it’s so easy to knit that I decided I wanted to try it in lighter weight yarn than the pattern called for so am trying a fingering weight version and just happened across some beads that were a perfect fit for the yarn I chose so will figure out where to add a few beads to it as well.  I want this version not as a “keep me warm from the cold” cowl but more as a bit of color to go over a plain blouse or sweater.  The yarn Julie Spins M370 in Purple Sage – very subtle shades of green, blue , purple so I don’t think it should be too busy in the cowl – at least I hope not.


Progress on the socks


I stopped the textured pattern on the leg at the start of the heel flap – I don’t like thick textures on the top of my foot so am doing the foot just as stockinette.  I’m always worried I’ll run out of yarn when making socks but seldom due — but in this case I think I might.  That texture eats up a lot of yarn so when I get closer to the toe I’ll have to weight the sock and left over yarn to see if I need to make the toe a different color.

Progress on my ESK 4th quarter KAL project


Thank goodness I made that fall colored cowl because otherwise I’d be totally stuck in shades of blue projects!  I may have to pull out some shockingly bright color since I seem to be in a blue rut. 🙂

Also on my list of projects I want to make are these cut little slippers.    I may have to start on these this afternoon.  They look like they would make a great gift.

3 comments on “Sunday Stitching Synopsis – October 15, 2017

  1. You are going to have the warmest neck around! How many cowls do you own. I love knitting them but have a short neck so I gift them, friends are starting to hide their necks and look away, do you think maybe I am making too many?
    Also, I have figured out you can make a foot on a size 9 sock with less than 21 grams of yarn, usually closer to 18 grams, but 21 for safety.

    • I have alot of cowls which I wear – some for outdoor wear and many lighter weight ones for a pop of color with sweaters and plain blouses. And of course many have been gifted and a few sold. Thanks for the info on the sock – I’m making larger and wider so just need to remember to weigh it when I get to the toe.

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