Well after watching the videos of  the new upgrades to EQ 8 I decided that for the reduced price of upgrade currently available, it was worth it.  There are several things that used to annoy me in EQ7 that have been changed in EQ8 to make them so much easier and timesaving to use.  So of course I had to play with it just a bit to see how all the new screens looked and check out some of the brand new blocks that have been added.

I snagged a few coffee and tea blocks from one of the libraries and quickly put them in a quilt layout.   It’s not a keeper design – there are things that would need to be changed – but it was fun to play with and I love all the stacked dishes…. perhaps because it reminds me of my own kitchen at the moment so I’m off to do some dishes (and/or load the dishwasher). 🙂

stacked up.JPG

Many points

This morning I was looking at one of my blank walls thinking it needs a wall hanging on  it.  Yes there are probably various things already made that I could put up there but isn’t a new wall hanging always better?

So I was playing with a design I had started a while ago in EQ and trying to decide – do I need to update to the new EQ8 or not – still undecided on that and need to do a bit more research to decide if all the new bells and whistles are things I want or not and I’ve got a few days left before the early discounted pricing for the upgrade goes away.   Decisions, decisions.

Anyway, back to the design I was working on.  What a difference various color auditions, orientation of blocks, etc. can make.  I started with this design.   I like pointy points but you know that means paper piecing which I’m generally not fond of.  But you can’t beat it for accuracy and in some designs it’s fairly painless where you don’t have lots of different shapes you are covering.

I just picked some random colors to color this in to see how it would look with the blocks broken into zig zaggy columns.  I like it a lot due to all the movement in it and I like the colors.


But then, as I was twisting my head sideways  to look at it, I decided if it were to be a wall hanging on my living room wall, I would like it better sideways and colored it in more in a color combination I would like in my living room.  This version I absolutely love.

horizAnd one of my favorite EQ options when using a single block in a layout is the Symmetry button which with every click will turn all the blocks in the design through a random serious of  rotations and you can sometimes get some great new designs (and sometimes not). 🙂  Here’s six of the symmetry layouts – the coloring has not been moved in the blocks, the blocks have just been rotated various ways.

threetwo fivefour    abcdef



There’s a basic simple slipper pattern on Ravelry called Recluse.  It’s knit in the round, toe up, so you a perfect fit (unless you are me and overcompensated and made the first one very clown-like long even for my big feet).  But I cast one on yesterday afternoon and finished it last night – decided it was too long so ripped it back to get rid of some of the length and then made the heel area again and bound off for a second time.  Knit with double stranded worsted, so they are cushy and thick and should wear well I think.  And not a single seam or need to kitchner – simple bind off and they are done.

And, of course, I think slippers are always best in wild colors!


It still looks sort of long in the photo but since it hugs your foot some of that length is eaten up when it stretches around the foot.    I may need to make several pair of these but for now I’ll concentrate on making the second one.


Starts and Finishes

I can’t settle on a project today – keep flitting from doing a few things on the computer, unloading the dishwasher – go in search of a yarn hank (actually two) that I cannot find anywhere but don’t feel like dumping out whole tubs of yarn to find it – back to loading the dishwasher and everything is cluttered up so that I should just go from one end of the apartment to the other putting things back where they belong…… but I just don’t feel   like it! 🙂  I think this afternoon will be my lazy afternoon (especially since it’s about half over) and I’ll watch movies for the rest of the afternoon and knit.  I also need to sew the b binding down on my Halloween wallhanging.

Both of these Greyfel cowls are blocked and ready to wear.  Quick pattern in heavier yarn.  A great weekend project.  One will  be a gift and the rust one is to go with my new coat.  Overcast days, with a flake or two of snow seen floating down from the sky (only if you look very closely and at the right moment) are great days to take outdoor photos.  Finally a photo of the yarn called The Fox that shows up exactly as it looks in real life.


Greyfel S 10-14-17 / F 10-15-17

I do love this yarn.




Greyfel S 10-20-17 / F 10-21-17

I wasn’t sure how this yarn would look knit up but I think it turned out really well.


I also made some progress last night on this little girl’s vet which is a quarterly knit along project.  I’ve just got maybe 2″ more to knit.



And my pooling scarf that I’m going to steek is bound off and I just need to refresh my memory on what I had read about steeking before attempting it.  Once bound off the stockinette promptly rolled up into a coil — but look at those lovely colors.


My popcorn is made so now to find a movie.

Socktober Sock

Don’t know that this pair will be finished before the end of “Socktober” but I do have one sock finished off last night.


I stopped the pattern stitch when I started the heel flap because I prefer plain stockinette stitch across the top of my foot.  Good think too because the pattern stitch really ate up a lot of yarn so my second sock will have to have a different colored toe but that’s okay – no one will know but me (and of course now you since I told you). 🙂  I made the leg a bit shorter than normal due to how much yarn it was eating up but that didn’t help enough.  This sock looks like the foot is oddly shaped – sort of looks like the foot is not long enough but as you can see – it’s a perfect fit! – and my foot is definitely not short.




The second sock was cast on right away last night after I finished this one off and I’ve got a couple inches of the leg done so far.   The temps have taken a dip this week into the 40s so sock wearing weather is arriving soon (up until Tuesday I was still wearing my sandals) but Fall has now arrived.

Sunday Afternoon Activity…..

20171022_1  This…. which I mixed up last night…. became this….


And it has been tasted and is lovely crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.  I love this Harvest bread when it comes out of the dutch oven – you can hear all the little seeds crackling and popping from the heat.

While that was baking I added the last border on the cat wall hanging then go it layered and quilted.


And love the fun retro looking fabric on the back.


I’m off to a slow start but at least one of my Loopy Ewe Great Sewing Challenge projects will be finished before the deadline


Sunday Morning Activity

Laundry is going, dishwasher is going -are there any more machines around here that I can turn on to clean things for me while I do something else? — alas no. 🙂  But I did mix up some bread yesterday which does practically make itself.


I spied the King Arthur Harvest Grains seed mix in the freezer  so decided to mix up some no knead bread last night. Five minutes or less with the mixer to mix it all together, let it sit in the mixing bowl overnight, shape into a loaf this morning and let sit for a while, and then pop it into the oven for a lovely crusty loaf of No-Knead Harvest Grains Bread (recipe on website).


The cowl I started on Friday night in this yarn….

is now finished and on the blocking mats to dry


And the first Greyfel I made is also now on the blocking mats. I do love this orangey/rust yarn.  It’s call The Fox and it’s a perfect description of it.


It’s a gray and rainy fall day here  so perfect weather to be thinking flannel fabric.  I haven’t decided for sure what I plan to do with this flannel  (use it on a quilt back or maybe make some pjs or robe for lounging about in) but I think this print is so cute.


Pooling fun


I’m working on a pooling scarf that I will steek.  This is Wollmeise yarn and it just knits up the stitches so evenly – I never get tired of looking at all those even rows.


That’s 400 stitches on the needles that I’m going round and round and round on.  But as you can see my yarn ball is getting smaller.  Since it’s Wollmeise there’s a lot of yardage on a hank but it should turn out just about the width I want and then I have a second hank that I will go back and add edging down each side after I steek it..  The reds and purples are really hard to get true colors photos of but my poor indoor light gave me the best one.



I loe the bright cherry red in this.  My pooling colors are starting to shift around more after I reached the middle of the hank of yarn – the  last part of that hank is not dyed quite as evenly as the rest so the colors have different lengths than previously but if the colors slide to one side or the other that will just add to the interest of the scarf.

I’ve also started another Greyfel cowl using this – which I’m calling the mud puddle cowl.  It has hints of pink in with the shades of brown but all are muddied colors.  I think it will look really pretty in the pattern.



Sunday Stitching Synopsis – October 15, 2017

Not much sewing this weekend.  I did do some straightening up of sewing stuff (as I was searching for something else) and did get the cat cut out and fused on to the Halloween wallhaning.


Now I just need to layer it and start quilting.

I started a new cowl yesterday and finished it several hours later  — in the wee hours of this am as I was binge watching Miss Marple.   Just a word of caution – if  visiting English villages look out – there seems to be an whole lot of people getting murdered in those villages!!

The cowl pattern is Greyfel by Fogbound Knits.


I made a few adjustments since I was using super bulky yarn rather than the weight called for in the pattern and good thing I did since I had just 3 yards leftover after I bound off.   This will be my “below zero” cowl and it matches my new coat very well.



I love the texture in this cowl pattern and it’s so easy to knit that I decided I wanted to try it in lighter weight yarn than the pattern called for so am trying a fingering weight version and just happened across some beads that were a perfect fit for the yarn I chose so will figure out where to add a few beads to it as well.  I want this version not as a “keep me warm from the cold” cowl but more as a bit of color to go over a plain blouse or sweater.  The yarn Julie Spins M370 in Purple Sage – very subtle shades of green, blue , purple so I don’t think it should be too busy in the cowl – at least I hope not.


Progress on the socks


I stopped the textured pattern on the leg at the start of the heel flap – I don’t like thick textures on the top of my foot so am doing the foot just as stockinette.  I’m always worried I’ll run out of yarn when making socks but seldom due — but in this case I think I might.  That texture eats up a lot of yarn so when I get closer to the toe I’ll have to weight the sock and left over yarn to see if I need to make the toe a different color.

Progress on my ESK 4th quarter KAL project


Thank goodness I made that fall colored cowl because otherwise I’d be totally stuck in shades of blue projects!  I may have to pull out some shockingly bright color since I seem to be in a blue rut. 🙂

Also on my list of projects I want to make are these cut little slippers.    I may have to start on these this afternoon.  They look like they would make a great gift.

Brookhill now available


Fogbound Knits shawl pattern Brookhill that I test knitted is now available.  You can see more photos of the one I made on my Ravelry page (or by scrolling down a post or two).  It’s a great cushy garter shawl with simple to knit lace strips and as usual the instructions are very easy to follow.  It would be a great item  to give as a gift or keep yourself.

If you’ve been following my knitting projects you know I love Laura’s patterns for cowls and shawls and she has a Cowl-Along going on again this year which runs through the end of November (I joined last years and got several Christmas gifts made during this Cowl-Along), so you if you are interest, all the info to get involved in that is in her Ravelry group.

I cast on my first cowl (Greyfel) today in between cleaning and other chores so hopefully will have some progress to show tomorrow – especially since I’m using super bulky yarn – it should knit up pretty quickly.