September 30, 2017

Goodness tomorrow is the start of October which just doesn’t seem possible.  September was so busy that it just flew by.

I need to finish cleaning the sewing room today along with some other chores.  The blocking mats can come off the sewing table for a while since I finally got my Specked Touchstone off the mats.


I love this shawl (I know – I’ve said that before – several times) but  the pattern, the yarn – a perfect match in my opinion.  I made it larger than the pattern.  I just needed some lovely fall colors outside to take a photo of it and have the specks of color in the yarn show up better but fall is not cooperating here.  It’s been dry so the leaves are just drying up brown and falling off the trees – not turning those gorgeous fall colors that I love.    I love fall weather and the leaves turning color and I’m feeling a bit gipped



My larger version of this turned out with a 110″ wingspan and 22″ deep at widest point.  Can’t wait to wear it.


I’m also working on a test knit for Fogbound Knits (Laura Aylor) – she has so many great shawl patterns.  I love the garter with a bit of lace on this one.  The lace is going to be beautiful once this is blocked out.


The yarn is Shalimar Breathless which is so lovely and soft and will be drapey.  This is going to be so cozy to wear.

In my last blog post I had a photo of some brownish gray yarn I was going to use for a Loopy Knitting Challenge Texture project – scarf.  That project got nixed — I was several inches in and the texture design was not showing up well – I think due to the slight shading in my yarn – and I wasn’t going to continue if it wasn’t going to show the design.  So that yarn went back into the stash.  Actually the test knit above may work for my texture project anyway.

I am however blaming friend Judy for this yarn which is coming my way.  She posted a link to Miss Babs gradients in her Friday knitting report.  I emailed her and told her it was her fault I had ordered some — not that I couldn’t find my way to the Miss Babs site all on my own and not that I didn’t already have some yarn in my cart there but couldn’t decide on colors to go together so hadn’t bought it yet. 🙂  Of course Judy, being the good friend she is, said:

Which set did you order?   It’s ok if you blame me . . I blame you for all kinds of things!  🙂

LOL – no wonder we get along.   Anyway, I had been going back and forth trying to decide what colors I wanted for True Colors.    I don’t know if I missed it last time I was looking for colors or if it’s newer to the website but I found the perfect gradient set with  background color (the larger yank in the gradient image) and then added a few more colors to it to get the number of colors needed for this pattern.  Here’s the colors I will be using.  I’m very excited about starting this one but have several challenge projects (and this one is not one of those) to finish off first.


I also finally figured out my Loopy Sewing Challenge for the Holiday category.  You could pick any holiday and I decided to do Halloween since I remembered this cute simple Halloween wallhanging I had seen and came across the copy I had printed out of it when cleaning in the sewing room last weekend.  I guess it does pay to clean my sewing room once in a while!   The pattern is a freebie on McCall’s Quick Quilts website


Mine will be a bit of a mystery because rather than ordering all Halloween type prints for the background squares, I chose a TLE Orange Mini pack – they contain F8s of orange prints but they are not necessarily the same orange prints as shown in the sample and could be any style fabric.  So I’m anxious to see what fabrics I get in my group.  I did order some Halloween FQs with purples in them to go with the oranges and the gray printed with trick or treaters on it will be the backing.  This will be a quick and fun one to put together.  The bottom row of purple prints are (L2R) Eyeballs, witches hats and the one that looks like diamonds on the right are actually witches hats too.  I’m hoping to get started on this one next weekend.   It would also be a great stash buster project.halloween

On to the chores around here  – laundry is going, my grocery order has been placed or delivery tomorrow, finish loading the dishwasher and then off to the sewing room to finish straightening it up.