Sunday Stitches Synopsis – 9-24-17

Sunday Stitches Synopsis – now say that three times fast! ūüôā¬† I have been busy knitting this week and this weekend and had planned to get the sewing room cleaned this weekend.¬† So far that hasn’t happened but I think I will head in there shortly and at least get a bit of it straightened away even if I don’t get the whole job done.

I did finish off two knitting projects last night so two things off the needles (which of course means I probably have to cast on a few new things). ūüôā

The yarn I showed you last weekend that I wanted to make a Nip cowl (Laura Aylor/Fogbound Knits) from for one of my textured projects for The Great Loopy Knitting Challenge is now a lovely, squishy completed cowl.


It’s a great easy to memorize stitch pattern that makes a lovely texture.¬† Because of my gauge with this yarn, mine came out in the middle sizewise between the single loop and double loop choices of the pattern which is perfect for me.¬† Single loops I like looser than most people and double loops tend to feel bulky to me so reminiscent of the three bears story – this size is “just right” for me.¬† About 30″ in circumference¬† (15″ laid flat) and 11″ high.

My first Touchstone¬† another Laura Aylor/Fogbound Knits¬† pattern is off the needles and will hit the blocking mats later this afternoon.¬† I absolutely love this one.¬† This one I made large than the pattern since I loved the yarn so much.¬† It’s going to be wonderful to wrap around my neck, head and shoulders when the winter winds come blowing.


My second Touchstone, which is another Loopy Knitting Challenge project, will be smaller than my first (knit according to pattern) and is coming right along too.


And I also pulled out this yarn  (well I did free up two sets of needles last night!) to make another Loopy Challenge Texture project.


This scarf calls to be since I am a quilter too and the texture pattern at the ends of the scarf look like an orange peel design.


The color is porcini and is kind of a mushroomy color Рit looks more brown in some lights and more grayish in others  and  BMFA Gaea Sport.

Now off to the sewing room to put things away and clear some space.  I want to start cutting my first Loopy Sewing Challenge project later this week.