My ever changing mind – project update


My Broody Touchstone is coming along – I had set it aside to work on a cowl but I picked it back up last night and am just about ready to start the final lace section.

One of my Great Knitting Challenge projects is the Aeque cowl.  The knitting is done and I just need to bury ends, block it and seam up a short seam in the back of it.  I’m undecided on this project at this point whether I will like it or not.  Not any issue with the pattern – just perhaps not a style/size I would like for me but there’s always my gifting pile to add to.

Bad outdoor shot – I thought it might be light enough yet to get a decent photo but no – it’s just getting dark too early again.


I do like the way the colors worked together.   I did use a heavier yarn so that may have affected the drape but will have to wait to see until after it’s blocked.  The one thing I would change from the way the directions are written is when doing the group of rows where the colors start changing — change to the new color after the garter edge when adding in a new color so that the tails aren’t at the outside edge – I think it would work better for the way I add colors/knot/weave in end so that’s just a note to myself. I also forgot to change to a smaller needle size when working the final garter edging.  I know my personal garter stitch gauge is larger than stockinette so the garter edge is flipping up which may or may not resolve with blocking.

This is very easy knitting and knit in an unusual shape so once I get the seam stitched it will be very interesting to see the finished form.

As for changing my mind – well I may need to change one of my Challenge projects because this pattern was recently released True Colors.   Melanie Berg has so many pattern I like but this one I am totally in love with.  But I will wait until I get a few projects off the needles before I decide.

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