Knitting Report – 9-9-17

I was going to do this report last night and hook up to Judy’s blog but I totally forgot.   check out the links there to see what others are knitting on.

I’m about half way done with my first project for The Great Loopy Knitting Challenge.

And guess what – photos!   I was sidetracked last night trying to download the new camera software and get things operational and finally accomplished that.


I’m using a needle size one size smaller than the pattern calls for mostly because I couldn’t find an empty need the correct size.  It may make this slightly smaller and more dense but this is to go with my winter coat so slightly denser (tighter knit) is not a bad thing to block out wind and keep my neck warm.   I like the pooling ovals that are occurring through out the garter sections.  The colors in that yarn go very well with my slate patio table too! 🙂

And the new camera seems to take much better close up shots than my old one (or maybe I just had a lucky photo taking day) but look at that stitch definition and the colors are true to life.  The lace bits will open up more with blocking.


Then I was taking photos of various groups of Wollmeise trying to figure out what combination I want to use for Plaid is the New Fad,  Love the bright colors in the original pattern version.

I have some bright red Tulpe I had planned to use but when I went searching in the stash I also found some other options.  These are ones I’m considering right now, I think I’ve decided but I just pulled a bunch of colors out at random and need to make sure that the group I select isn’t splitting up a group that I bought for sweater purposes.

I’ve  got one or two more possible combinations I just thought of to check out before making a decision and then getting all the yarn put away again.