The Great Loopy Challenges

You know (if you have read my blog before) that one of my favorite online shops for both yarn and fabric is The Loopy Ewe.  I just finished off Camp Loopy projects, I’ve done several semesters of Loopy Academy in the past, Loopy Monthly Mixers, quarterly KAL projects etc.  TLE is always coming up with something fun.

In place of Monthly Mixers, there will be The Great Loopy Knitting Challenges and the Great Loopy Sewing Challenges.  If you’ve ever watched The Great British Baking Show,y you know there are Signature Challenges, Technical Challenges etc.  Well TLE has Signature Challenges, Technical Challenges and Show Stopper Challenges too so you can do one challenge, two or all six and earn points for The Loopy Reward Shop.  All the info for the first group of challenges, which run from now thru December 31, can be found on TLE blog here.

I don’t plan on doing Loopy Academy and love the fact that with these challenges (like the Mixers of the past) you can use yarn/fabric you previously purchased from TLE or use newly purchased from TLE and several of the challenge projects/patterns were already on my list to make which works out great.

So I “think” I plan on doing a couple of both knitting and sewing.  The current plan, which is always subject to change:

Signature Challenge – I’ll probably do both challenges.

broodybantams  I want to use my Broody Bantam yarn to make another version of Touchstone by Laura Aylor which fits into the “Hot Right Now/In the News” category.

My winter coat, which I bought on sale at the end of the season last year so has never been worn, is the rusty color of this yarn so this one will be to go with that coat.

The KAL for the Signature Challenge is Aeque which I had planned to make anyway so that’s perfect too!  I had planned to use some Finito yarn in my stash – just need to see if I have 5 colors to go together or if I need to repeat a color in one of the sections.

The Plaid is the New Fad pattern was already in my queue to make  and since it’s a Shopstopper KAL pattern that works out great.  I got a hank of lovely reddish Wollmeise below) to go with two other colors in my stash to make this.

That’s all I’ve decided on so far for knitting although I think  there’s a pattern I may make for the Technical Challenge too.

For the Sewing Challenges:

loopy challenges


Timber! is a pattern for the QAL Technical challenge.  Mine is going to be Santa in disguise.  The dotted fabric is actually red and white peppermint candy print, black overalls (because Mrs. Claus does not let Santa wear red ones year round), the stripe will be for his hat and binding, and the rest of the fabrics will come from my TLE fabric stash.


The Showstopper Challenge QAL project is to make a project using 20 blocks from The Splendid Sampler book.  I got this book as a birthday gift and have been wanting to work on a project from it and so many cute blocks to choose from.

Now that I’ve frittered away the afternoon looking at projects and planning… guess I’ll go wind that Broody Bantam.  I’m nearly done with my first version of Touchstone so I’ll be ready to start on the “Broody” version soon.




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  1. l too love The Loopy Ewe! I’ve decided to go ahead with Loopy Academy Senior Year even though I didn’t do the 2nd semester of Junior Year. My projects are already decided and I’m waiting for my yarn to arrive. I also picked out a couple of Challenges but will wait to see if I have time after completing my LA projects. It is truly amazing how much time it takes to get it all coordinated. I too spent half a day looking at projects & yarn. So much fun but YOI! Hahaha

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