Last chance

You know how it is when you’ve bought a replacement for something and before tossing the item you are replacing, you decide to “try it one last time” before tossing it in the trash…. yep, I plugged the old camera in to see if it would charge so I could get the photos off of it and it did.     I know it won’t last – it couldn’t possibly of fully charged and there’s some other issues so I’m glad I’ve got a new one coming but in the meantime – photos of my Starflowers so far.

Originally I was going to set them together like this.


They would interlock into each other and not be set in straight rows – there would be one triangle of background fabric in between where the starflowers join to each other.

But to get a straight outside edge around the quilt I’d have to make lots of extra quilts and some would end up being 3/4 blocks, some 1/4 blocks around the edges and I just don’t think I’d like the finished higgeldy-piggeldy look of it.

So decided to turn each star flower into a hexagon with background triangle and various green fabrics like this:


Then I can set them together in rows and create straight edges around the outside by filling in with a few triangles — totally workable plan.   These are gigantic blocks if you consider the whole hexagon shape a block (which I do) that measure 37″ across the middle  horizontally which means they must be about 33″ high.

I’ve got the individual blocks for the first two rows down (the missing block in the second row I placement for two green/background areas so need to rip those our and switch around).


I’m still debating on the yellow green – I like the fabric but need to go look at it on the design wall again.  It shows no where near it’s true color in the photo so need to check it  and see if I still like it or want to  switch those two pieces out before I go any further.  I do kind of like the pop of difference in the photo even if it doesn’t look like the real color there so may just carry on with them.

And I’m also happy that all these Y-seams and bias edges are playing so nicely together.  I’m really enjoying working on this one the pieces are all setting together easily (well except those backwards sections but that was operator error.)