Touchstone Progress

My Touchstone is coming along very nicely – and quickly.  I’m at the point in the photo below where I would just knit a few more garter rows and bind off if I were exactly following the pattern.  It looks a bit odd scrunched up on the needles but it is turning out so pretty.


But I’m going to be making mine larger since I’ve got one more hank of this yarn and want to use every last bit.   I’m going to add a few garter rows and then go back the adding lace sections since I’m not really sure how quickly I’ll go thru that last hank since the rows are much longer.

But have I mentioned how much I love this yarn?  Okay…. maybe I have once or ten times….


And that’s probably the last you’ll hear from me this lovely three day weekend.  I’ve got many projects planned – after some cleaning today I came up with a plan to set my starflower quilt blocks together – I have photos on the camera that I  bought the new cord for and clearly the cord was not the only issue because the camera is kaput and I can’t get at those photos.  How the heck am I supposed to operate without a camera?    Oh well – that one saw a lot of use and abuse – new one won’t arrive until Tuesday so I’ll be busy doing stuff until then and hopefully have some finished projects – or further along projects – to show you by next weekend.

I so love three day weekends……..