Such a fun project

Cast on my Touchstone last night after dinner.  I was afraid the orange in the yarn when it was in hank form (which you can see in my prior blog post) would stand out too much and over power the other colors.  But it does not.  I love the way this yarn is knitting up in this pattern.


Easy stitch pattern to follow – a bit of binge watching shows and I make good progress.  I do love squishy garter stitch scarfs/shawls and add in a bit of super simple lace and it’s definitely a winner.


Have I mentioned how much I love this yarn/pattern combination?? 🙂


One comment on “Such a fun project

  1. wow! What beautiful work!! Never seen anyone who can make projects as fast as you and do such perfect work!! Good for you and I love to see all you make!

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