Sunday July 23 2017

Well the tipped over tree now looks like this.


Hopefully someone will be back to get rid of all the logs/branches on our side of the fence along the retaining wall.   I did call the Apt mgmt. yesterday to let them know it looks like there’s a tree slowly tipping towards the building on my side of the building.    Too much rain is definitely making them unstable on the hillside.  I’m hoping they’ll come out and take a look and take down another tree or two.   The tree removal people are definitely keeping busy in this area with all the storms  – especially the ones this past week.  And I can’t even step out my door without a swarm of mosquitos finding me – all the humidity has hatched a bumper crop – and the top of the birdhouse has a forest of toadstools growing on it.


Not that I’ll be wearing it anytime soon (speaking of all that humidity) but I finished off a cowl last night.


This is the Strenna cowl pattern.   It qualifies for two ESK Yarnathon badges – Cowl Me Baby and Cable Gal.  The cables are harder to see in this specky yarn but they make for a lovely squishy cowl and I love this Film Noir yarn (despite the fact that it has pink in it!) 🙂  And once the points are awarded at the end of the month , I’ll have reached the Blue Raspberry badge level.


Now to finish some laundry and some cleaning and maybe stitch down the binding on a little wallhanging.



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  1. Hopefully they take care of any more trees in danger of falling – before they actually do. I was in Madison overnight a couple of weeks ago, and heard on the news that they had 4″ of rain the night before. And it was starting to rain the afternoon we left again.

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