A bit of wind

and I was watching a show on the computer last night and didn’t have the tv on and suddenly wondered what that annoying sound was.  It was the tornado siren as it spun – getting louder and then fading away a bit and getting louder as it revolved.  Decided I’d better turn on the tv and find out what was happening.

Major wind is what was happening.  I opened the door and the trees on the hill outside my door were blowing around so much it was so noisy it was incredible.    Then the onslaught of rain came and a very loud strong gust that blew the exact opposite of the way the wind had been blowing made me decide to shut the door, find the flashlight and candles and matches (since the power had started to flicker) and put some shoes on.

We got way too much rain, but any amount is too much with all the rain we’ve been getting in the last couple weeks.  I never lost power, which was good, and the storm eventually moved on.  But when I opened the door I found this.


Excuse the bad photo – it’s so humid outside my lens was immediately steaming up.  But none of the tree in the photo should be in a photo taken from this angle.  It was also worse this morning because that whole area – below where the tree is crashed onto two upper decks- had branches that stretched to the door below where the fairy lights are and I was a bit surprised after turning around from locking my door when I saw tree totally obstructing my path.   By the time I got home tonight they had cleaned all the lower stuff up but I’m guessing they had to contact the owner of the tree (since it’s not on the complex property) about removing it.  Or all the tree services are busy because there was lots of damage in the area.   But here no one got hurt and I don’t think there’s any damage (unless a deck railing got damaged).  The ground is so saturated, it looks like the tree was just blew over  because I think I could see the root ball laying on the hill rather than it being broken or cracked off.

I’ve had enough storms/rain/wind to last me a while now!

And when I got home tonight my last Club Loopy package had arrived.  We’ve had dinosaur themed/named yarns for all three shipments and this one is called Betty Brontosaurus.  There was also a lovely smelling Vanilla Nectarine soy candle in the package.  I’m allergic to many scented things but I’m hoping not to this because it smells so good.  My camera lens was threatening to fog up again so I snapped one quick photo.  The colors I this yarn are more lovely than they show up here – and when I turned it over, the other side has lots more pink/purple shades that are gorgeous.  I’ll have to try to get a better shot this weekend without the flash (and the foggy camera).  It’s Western Sky nits yarn, which I’ve never tried before so something new.