Finished Knits and August Camp projects

Time to do some catching up – I need to add these items to the finished Tangled Strings – finished knits page.  These will be projects 29 and 30 completed this year.  I also need to update the yardage knit to date yet.

My July Camp Loopy project is finished.    Cute little fish buttons but I may end up changing them if I can find some round ones in those bright colors.  The fishes nose and tail are really point/sharp and catch on the yarn making it difficult to button and unbutton.


I also finished my 3Q KAL project for ESK’s Yarnathon.


This is more a jacket than sweater – it will definitely be warm in the yarn I used.  Both these  little girlie sweaters will go in my gifting pile because I made them larger than currently needed (since I wasn’t sure of exact size needed at the moment) so that they can be grown into, rather than more quickly grown out of.

The new Camp Loopy requirements for August have been announced.  Both yarn and fabric projects need to use a pattern published in 2015 or later and both have yardage requirements.

I added and removed more yarn from my project page on TLE website (project pages let you compare colors or fabric patterns/colors etc side by side next to each other – a very handy thing indeed rather than going back and forth between separate images to try to figure out if they will work together).  This is the yarn that finally ended up on my project page and getting dumped into my cart.


It’s Cascade 200 Superwash Wave.  I have changed my mind several times on what I wanted to use it for and I think I have finally decided on Rail Fence.  Rail Fence is written for fingering weight but the yarn I’m using is worsted so I’ll do some figuring to decide how many stitches I need for the width I want and I’ll definitely be making it longer than the 66″ the original design is.  This will be great to wrap around head/neck/shoulders (or from head to toe) when the frigid winter winds return and the color will match two of my jackets.

For the Fabric Camp project I’m going back to my sewing roots believe it or not.  I started out sewing clothes from grade school 4-H Club until my late 20s when I started quilting and stopped sewing clothes, other than the occasional clothing gift for my Mom or Dad.  Since I have several (understatement) quilts in the works that I need to finish soon, I just wasn’t really wanting to start and finish other quilt next month.  Then I remembered as I was looking for something else on line, I came across a couple clothing patterns I had really liked.

I had originally ordered the larger print fabric below (which I had loved since it first showed up at TLE and it was on last call clearance so it was get some now or never – plus it was a bargain price) before deciding to make a blouse.  My original plan was to make something boring like a new fabric shower curtain for my bathroom or new curtains for one of the bedrooms.    But I found this pattern and the fabric I chose is coincidentally a very similar look to the pattern front.


I haven’t looked at patterns in so long I didn’t realize you could order direct from the pattern company – so convenient rather than having to run to the local fabric chain store which I don’t really care for.   Not having sewn in so many years, I knew patterns had gone up in price but Wholly Sticker Shock Batman!!  the prices are crazy.  But Butterick.mccall’s  website has been having a sale that runs through today and I got it for $1.99 so actually ordered a couple patterns that were on sale.

So I was going to need to place a second fabric order to get some contrast fabric for the button bands, pocket and cuffs.


But as it happened, I got an email from TLE that there was not quite as much left on the bolt as originally indicated.  But this worked out great for me – there was enough left for what I needed  and I could have them add the second fabric to my order without having to place a separate order.  Win!  So the lighter one that looks more solid is actually a tone on tone tiny checked print.

So we’ll see if I can revert to being able to sew 5/8″ seams rather that 1/4″ !  It’s been a long time since I’ve done that.  When I stopped sewing clothes I got rid of all my clothing fabric except for a few special pieces.  Just maybe those will actually get sewn up into something now.