Camp Loopy July project status

Quilting is finished so time for a coffee break or lunch or something.


Not the best photo all piled up on my table but I’ll take a photo once completed of course.  Nothing fancy in the quilting on this one.  All the striped and red sashings were stitched in the ditch, the main blocks have a four-leaf petal shape across them and the border is just a meander.    Now to see if I have enough striped fabric left or the binding.

In the meantime, as I was planning projects to finish quilting (after next month’s Camp Loopy project is done and the wedding quilt quilting is finally completed) I decided to check out one of the online shops that has a nice variety of wide backing fabrics – Backside Fabrics — no affiliation, just a happy customer.  The teal/yellow/green polka dot backing on this quilt, which you can just see a bit of at the top of the screen came from there.  So I check in on the website from time to time to see what’s new and on sale and couldn’t pass up these bright lovelies since I have so many batik on black or other bright colored tops to quilt.   Here’s the screenshot from my order – obviously I loved the one print so much I got it in both colorways.  Can’t wait to see these in person.

backside fabrics

As for my July knitting project I seamed the shoulders and set in the sleeve. Just need to finish seaming the side seams which are just clipped together — another perfect use for those binder clips to hold quilt bindings – they are great to hold knit pieces together for seaming.



Pattern says to pick up some stitches along neck edge and then bind them off on the next row to finish off the neck edging.  I may just do a row of single crochets around the next to finish it off instead which will give essentially the same look to the edge.  Then just the buttons.  I need to pull some different yarn from the leftovers bind to finish the seaming since this sweater, like the other one I need to seam, are both single ply yarns and don’t hold up well to seaming so need to find something stronger.