I found this in my mailbox last night – the advance copies of Sept/October 2017 issue.  Dreamcatcher is the name of my quilt design in this issue.


Here’s the original image I sent them.  They stayed pretty close to the colors I used in my drawing when they chose the fabrics to make it in.  I have not actually made this quilt myself yet but it’s on my list once I get a project or two quilted first.

QMS1 -dream catcher

and I finished off the sleeves for the ESK 3rd Quarter KAL project.  Decided to block it before seaming so got it on the mats today and set it outside where it happens to be a lovely day for a change – upper 70s, not raining and not humid – now that’s a nice change.  So hopefully it will dry a bit more quickly outside since it’ heavy yarn.


I’ve been doing a bit of cleaning but need to go finish clearing the rest of the blocking mats off of my sewing table so I can get another quilt layered to start quilting on.


4 comments on “Dreamcatcher

  1. Just beautiful both the quilt and sweater. You are superwoman you get so much done and Gorgeous work. Ann

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