Happy Fourth of July


with taking last Thursday off, working Friday, then the weekend, working yesterday (in a very quiet office since I think more than half were gone) I woke up this a.m. and thought – do I go to work today or not – what day is this?  I’m so confused but quickly came to the realization that no, it is a holiday.

So why, if I was up later than normal did I wake up earlier than normal!  But I thought I’d knit for a bit bright and early on my patio so grabbed some coffee and my project and headed to the patio only to be descended on my mosquitos.  Yep, after the last rain storm yesterday they immediately appeared with a vengeance.  I guess I’m lucky I hadn’t seen any up until this point but sitting outside this morning was out of the question.

I do have the body of a little sweater finished and am working on the sleeves.


And I’m also on the sleeves of my Camp Loopy project too.  But for this afternoon – since it’s lunch time and I’m still in my jammies sipping coffee – I’m going to work on my camp loopy quilt and see if I can’t get the final sashing/borders added (once I figure out exactly what they might be!).