July Camp Loopy Knitting

Where was I at Midnight?  Casting on my July Camp Loopy project of course and binge watching a PBS mystery show on Amazon Prime. 🙂

I knit for several hours and knit a bit more this morning and have the back to the little Kelcema sweater completed.  Isn’t this specky yarn fun.


It’s amazing how much faster worsted weight yarn and size 8 needles knit up compared to the projects I had been working on previously – fingering weight and much smaller needles with more complex patterns.   Straight garter stitch, a little bit of easy shaping,  and I had this back done in no time – got half way thru the armholes and finished off the top of it this a.m.  If you’ve never done any sweater knitting and were looking or a project to start with this one would definitely be a beginner friendly sweater, yet it will show you how to do some simple shaping, make buttonholes, seam a sweater and baby/toddler sweaters are always good since the fit on their sweaters is far more forgiving.  Garter stitch is really squishy and  stretchy  so sweaters made in garter can usually be worn a bit longer (as kids are growing) as it is stretchy.

I also found some potential buttons in my button tin.


The fish would be very cute but I need to finish the front side that doesn’t get the button holes  to lay these on in order to determine if these buttons are too large or not.  I likely will need to make the buttonholes a stitch larger which is not a problem but the sweater has pairs of buttons set side by side so just depends on the width of the top of the sweater as to whether these will work.