Harvest Bread

Over the weekend I made a loaf of Harvest Bread – recipe is on the King Arthur Flour website which looked like this after being mixed up and then it had to sit out on the counter overnight to rise a bit.



It has raisins and cranberries and walnuts in it.  The recipe called for pecans – but I was out of them, and yellow raisins which I can’t get so plain old raisins were used.

The only thing I would change is cut down on the amount of raisins, cranberries and nuts in it.  Even tho I baked it until it got to the internal temp called for in the recipe, it could maybe have gone a bit longer due to the denseness of all those goodies inside.  But that would have made it too brown on the outside.


20170625_120170625_3So next time I’ll probably use half the amounts of goodies that go into it and it should be perfect.  I had some fresh while it was still warm but I think I need to go toast a slice and test it out with my dinner.


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  1. This is the best recipe that I’ve gotten from your blog regarding bread making. I loved this one so much that it’s all I want to make! Your other recommendations are good too, but I love nuts and some fruit in mine for toasting.

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