Happy Hooker Badge

Yes that’s right – my happy hooker project for the ESK Yarnathon badge is finished  – “happy hooker” meaning crochet project (shame on you for what you were thinking!) 🙂






I love this Salty Tales colorway.


I made the braided sections a bit longer and also lengthened the tabs that join them so the braids hang a bit longer than the original pattern design.  I want it more as a fashion accessory than an actual cowl that keeps you neck warm so longer was better for that – plus I had plenty of yarn.


Found a button in the button bin that would work and its finished – which is good because crocheting is very hard on my wrists.


I was also doing a bit of planning for my other Yarnathon projects today too.  One of the badges is for a blanket – which I really don’t want to make one for me but I found a cute baby blanket (which I can use as a gift) called Wild Kingdom.  Checkerboard center and cute reverse stockinette zoo animals around the edges.  I’ll be making it in Cascade 220 superwash in Daffodil – good for boy or girl blanket.



Now to go finish sewing down a quilt binding so I can call that project done.