Could I be more indecisive?

I think I have changed my plans for my Camp Loopy July project… well more times than I can remember.  I need it to be July so I HAVE to start on it and can’t change my mind any more.  But this is it – the final plan.

The yarn I had gotten and posted here with the toddler sweater I was going to make, isn’t going to work the way I want.  I was winding some yarn last night and decided to wind that yarn while I was at it.  However when caked, it looked almost like a gradient yarn.  It was decidedly all darker shades of color on the outer third than the colors in the inner part of the cake.  Since my sweater is knit side to side, that was going to be very weird looking.  Hence the change of plans.

I do plan to use that yarn for a different project which is actually designed for a more gradient look and I think it will work well but doesn’t meet the criteria for the July camp project (not enough yardage used and too recent a pattern – camp patterns must be published 2014 or earlier).

So…….new plan, new yarn ordered.  This is the yarn and I’ll be making a super simple garter stitch toddler sweater called Kelcema.  Once the yarn arrives I need to go searching in my button tin  – I think I have some brightly colored buttons that will work.


Absolutely no more changing my mind.  I love the yarn, I’ve read thru the pattern, and I can’t wait to pick out some fun buttons.  This is definitely my July Camp project!