July Camp Loopy projects

It was Camp Store Week recently to order our supplies for the July Camp Loopy projects.  You can join in on Camp any time – this year the rewards are handled differently so you don’t have to do all three projects (or six in my case since I’m doing both yarn and fabric camps).  If you missed June, you could still join in for July and/or August and the info for July is on The Loopy Ewe Blog.

I still need to hand stitch the binding on my quilt for June and then it will be finished (probably tonight so I don’t forget about it) and my knitting project is done and submitted.

For July, I’ll be making a toddler’s sweater to add to my gifting pile.  The theme for July is spelunking so we’re assigned to caves/cavern groups this time – I’ll be hanging out in the Carlsbad Caverns for my knitting group and I think the Lost Sea Caverns is he sewing group.  We need to use  patterns published prior to 2014 with at least 600 yards yarn / 3 yards fabric.

20170617_5My project will be the Sideways Sweater published in 2012.

It looks like it will be a fun knit and I hope will look good in the Nicki’s Lucky Penny Loopy Legend colorway.  I had bought some of this colorway for a different project and you know how I love fall colors.  Had to get more and since they are 600 yard hanks, I can use some of my other one to make up the little bit of extra yardage I need.

For quilting – again a pattern published prior to 2014.  I’m going to use a pattern of my own I published to my blog for NQD in 2012 – Five Square Pattern – which you can find in the PDF downloads on my blog.  I’m not going to add the pieced borders since I want this one to be a bit smaller.

Here are the fabrics I will be using – Kona solids and part of a new Moda holiday line – Merry Berry (the focal print and the great stripe) and Riley Blake, Comfort and Joy (the wreaths).  I think it will be one of those projects that works all winter long – not just a “Christmas” looking project.




The blocks for this quilt are really easy to make – especially if you DON’T use a one way print for the focal print.  I just have to remember to make half my blocks one way and then reorient the pieces to make the second group of blocks since some of the blocks get turned in the final layout and I don’t want my trees/deer upside down.


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