Everything is better with….

Sparking Glittery sugar!    I bought a container of the glitter sugar with the intent to sprinkle it on top of iced sugar cookies.  I haven’t made any cookies yet but I have to say that blueberry muffins are even better with a sugary sprinkle on top.


These were fresh from the oven this morning. But on my list of things I want to make which use that sparkley sugar – this was on the front of my recent King Arthur Flour catalog.


Now that looks absolutely delicious and easy to make.  I may have to make some and take it into the office.   It’s just now starting to be fresh strawberry season locally so I may have to hit the farmer’s market later this week.

It’s turning out to be a lovely day here – the temps have cooled a bit, the humidity is much lower and the sun is shining with a breeze.  Perfect to sit outside  – I’ve got just one last repeat section to knit on my test knit shawl and it will be done so I may have to head out to the patio for some knitting after I get some laundry going.