Beach Glass Shawl – Camp Loopy June project complete

My first camp project is completed.  Beach Glass Shawl – a unique feather and fan variation with scallop sections with picots along the edge – a very fun knit.  I used the Camp Club first shipment yarn – Stanley Stegosaurus – which includes all my favorite fall colors.  This one will be getting a lot of wear once the weather cools down.



I have changed my mind several times about what pattern to use for the July project.  The yarn was an easy choice but what to make.   I thought I had settled on a simple scarf for my new winter coat since I’m using another great fall colored yarn, but realized I would have been bored to death knitting a scarf as long as I wanted with only two pattern rows repeated over and over.     I’ll share what I decided on and the fabrics I chose for my July fabric camp project soon.

I had to get the shawl above finished early because I’ve also been working on a shawl pattern test knit due the end of this month.  I’ll get a new photo of my progress later today on that.  It’s a Laura Aylor pattern, and I love her shawl/cowl designs.   But, I’ve taken a vacation day today and the weather is not so hot and humid as it has been so I think I’ll take my coffee outside on the patio and knit a while .