Much going on

So this wrap I was working on last weekend I have finally finished.  20170528_2Bound it off when I got home from work last night and soaked it and got it on the blocking mats right away so it didn’t linger in the “to be blocked” pile.

It’s nice and long and when I  blocked it to within an inch of it’s  it’s longer than my banquet table so I had to do a bit of finagling to keep the mats from coming apart  (stuck the ironing board under one end while pinning).  Here’s a photo of part of it I took last night after pinning it out.



I absolutely love it.  I decided to wait until tomorrow to take it off the block mats to make sure it’s really dry and then see if I can get outside before it decides to rain to get some photos.  It’s sea silk yarn so had a sheen that makes it sort of hard to photograph with a flash but it feels so nice.   This is one of my ESK Yarnathon projects – the 2nd Quarterly KAL project but it also earns me several other badges as well since it’s knit with two strands of yarn held together through out (double dutch badge); the fiber content (silk sweetheart badge) and there might be one more but I can’t think of it at the moment.

Of course now it’s Camp Loopy  time so June 1 (yes I was still up at midnight so I got a start in the early morning hours) I cast on my Glass Beach shawl – doesn’t look like much in this photo and it’s a bit farther along now but I absolutely love this yarn.


Major progress has been made on my fabric Camp project.  The HSTs are all made and stuck on the design wall.  Nothing like instant gratification with large HSTs.


There was also some new yarn waiting for me when I got home (and $15 in yarn lotto scratchy tickets – bonus!).  Some is a kind of yarn I hadn’t tried before but have been wanting to and the other is the special Willy Wonka themed  Yarnathon yarn for June — Schnozberries – I love how it looks.  I’ll show you tomorrow.

Now back to the show I was watching on the computer.  I know I mentioned it before but I am so loving the Amazon Prime movies and other shows I can watch on the computer.  Kept me entertained while blocking, several hours of quilting.   I don’t do cable or any other paid tv and summer tv programming on the local stations  – well there’s really nothing I watch (or want to watch) and PBS auction has started so can’t watch the normal shows there either.  I was contemplating cancelling Prime when the year was up but I may rethink that.