Back to the sewing room

Laundry is in the works, the dishwasher loaded and running, I’ve got my coffee, it’s a sunny day and there’s a nice breeze drifting thru the sewing room window.  Appears to be a very nice day and I may need to go sit outside and knit for a while later when the sun comes round to the patio – still a tad nippy with the breeze but warming up.

Since I can’t decide what I want for breakfast/brunch – I’ll just go back to quilting until I decide that I’m really hungry. 🙂  I did pull some bananas out of the freezer to make some banana bread later since I finally found the cookbook I thought I had lost where the recipe is located.

I did spend a bit of time playing with some of the kaleidoscope blocks in a EQ add on I had gotten.  I’m not fond of paper piecing as you know but I’m contemplating maybe a sampler style quilt of some of the blocks.  It’s likely I’d make it if each block was different.   These designs I was playing with the same block set on point to see what sort of secondary design might emerge.  It’s always just fun to plug blocks into a layout and see what happens …so here’s a bit of eye candy – I didn’t bother to play with the colors so they are whatever solid colors the original block was drawn in.  Now back to my machine quilting.




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