Quilting Progress

First, when I sat down to the sewing machine,  I added the top and bottom rows onto this little wallhanging.


Then decided to finally start machine quilting the Barn Dance quilt.  But after winding 4 or 5 bobbins and changing the foot of the machine to the free motion foot, I did a bad thing.

The machine I used to quilt on I had to really tighten the screw that held the feet on a lot with a screw driver or it would work it’s way loose as I was quilting.   I forgot I don’t need to do that with this machine – the screw holds well without being over tightened….. but I remembered that too late.


Yep – that should not be two pieces.  I snapped it over tightening.  Luckily I took a screw off another machine that will work temporarily but I need to find where I stuck the book for the machine for safekeeping to see if there’s a part # so I can order a new one.


But other than that, I ended up quilting until I had used up 8 bobbins worth of thread and decided to call it quilts on that for today.  I’ll start in again tomorrow and maybe bet the quilting finished.

Last night I knit and knit and knit while streaming some free movies from Amazon Prime – I am definitely enjoying them and the good thing – if I start one and don’t care for it I can just move on to the next.   This afternoon while I was quilting I was watching a scarey movie (very suspenseful) and did nearly jump out of my skin when a pop can I had set on the edge of the counter in the kitchen clanged into the sink. LOL  The front door was open and the breeze coming in toppled it over.

But back to the knitting and knitting — my ESK 2nd quarter project just doesn’t seem to be getting longer even though I knit probably half a ball of yarn into it yesterday.


The yarn is quite stretchy and will block out longer and wider than as shown but it still needs more length so time to find more movies and get back to knitting on it.



4 comments on “Quilting Progress

  1. I can not believe how much you get done. I love the Barn Dance, and need to get back to mine. You do such beautiful work.

  2. The quilt looks great…love those house and the bright colors. Hmmm. I have to tighten the screw that holds my feet on the machine when I change them. Hope I don’t turn it too tight. Yes, I have another machine, but i like this one!

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