Three Days to Play

I love three-day weekends and until about Wednesday of this week I totally forgot it was a three-day weekend.  Do I have any exciting plans – nope.   Some of the usual weekend stuff — groceries were delivered this morning, a load or two of laundry done, coffee was sipped out on the patio while knitting for a bit since it was a fairly nice day.

My only real plan for the long weekend (other than some cleaning that I definitely need to do) was to spend time off the computer and at the sewing machine.  I decided the cleaning could wait a day or two and spent the day puttering with fabric.  I haven’t started the machine quilting I need to do but I think that will be on tomorrow’s agenda.

I was trying to find a movie or something to watch on tv and remembered I had Amazon Prime  and that there were free movies, shows, etc. I could watch.  Oh the rabbit hole I have gone down there.  I spent the afternoon watching many episodes of Dr. Who that our local PBS station hasn’t run and have a long list of movies I want to watch since the last movie I saw in a movie theater was The Lion King.  🙂 not that I don’t have a large DVD/Video collection, but there’s lots of movies I haven’t seen but didn’t want to buy that I found I could watch for free.

So I decided to start on a new, bright and happy looking project.  Bright batiks – always fun to work with.  I had to take this photo to remeber what row order the colors were put in.


After those were made, they turned into stacks of these


After a stack or two of the blocks were finished I started sewing them into rows.

I still have a couple more rows to add but here are the ones I’ve completed so far.


My little beachside bathhouses.






3 comments on “Three Days to Play

  1. How fun! I got my Quiltmaker magazine yesterday. What a pleasure to see your quilt with your photograph.

  2. So bright and pretty. Can’t wait to see more rows! Yeah for nice days, finally.

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