It’s a lovely day outside – I think it may be safe to pack up my wintery clothes – a stroll through the apt complex down to my mailbox – sunny, 72 deg., blue sky, slight breeze – perfection!  Now if I could convince a very determined pair of wrens that they cannot build a nest between my outdoor light right next to my door and the side of the building. I keep taking it down, they keep rebuilding… persistent little buggers.

I found in my mailbox the advance copies of  McCall’s Quilting – July/August 2017 issue.

And inside….. Waterford….

20170514_1Whoever sewed this did a lovely job and the quilter did some fantastic quilting which doesn’t really show up in my photos.   As with all my other published designs, I have not sewn the actual quilt that appears in the magazine – some other lovely talent sewists and quilters that the magazine uses has made it due to time constraints.









The quilting shows up in the photo below a bit.



Here’s the original image I submitted to the magazine.  They chose fabrics pretty close in color the colors I colored it in with – the fabrics are just a bit brighter / true color.


QMS9 -

Stay tuned – there will be a drawing in the future for the magazine issue.