Off the needles…. and on to layering

andIsn’t this some gorgeous yarn.  You know I don’t really like pink but this combination

is so pretty.  And while I’ll never be a “wear lots of pastel girlie pink” girl, I am using pink a bit more in the things I knit and occasionally made a pink quilt.




This yarn is one of the Loopy Legend yarns called Linda’s Beautiful Day and it is beautiful.  This is the Truffle Shawl I made — the photo above shows the colors the best but here’s some shots of the entire shawl — just a little scarf really to keep the neck and shoulders warm.  Very easy knit.

I’ve started on the Joji MKAL but will wait until I’m a bit farther along to show photos of that and for anyone working on it who wishes it to remain a mystery to them and not see anyone else’s photos, I’ll try to remember to post that it is a spoiler photo.

Let’s not forget the sock I previously posted all about with it’s unusual heel strip and construction.  That came off the needles this week too.20170510_11  It may be a while before I get the second one done with MKAL, the Rhapsody KAL, and Camp Loopy starting next month but we’ll see.


And after several weekends of planning to get in the sewing room to layer a quilt — proof it is actually happening today.



And with only one false start – before I had the top clamped in place I realized that I had grabbed the wrong size batting package.  I would have been so made at myself if I had starting pinning everything only to run out of batting.

Just stopped for a coffee break so now time to go find the tin of pins and get started pinning.



7 comments on “Off the needles…. and on to layering

  1. Glad to read your blog this morning. I’ve got my yarn ready for the Joji MKAL but thought it was starting today! Just check and there was Clue 1 in my inbox. Great! Behind already! Hahaha!

    • Yep – it started the 12th but the pattern came early on the 11th (or at least early for me – can’t remember what time zone Joji was traveling in at the time).

  2. I am putting the final stitch to my Barn Dance quilt. Then next step is putting the three layers together. In your picture it appears that you baste the quilt in sections. I would love to be able to do my basting in my apartment rather than in the garage. Would you be willing to share how you do your basting. Thank you for sharing your talents with others.I have done several of your patterns.
    (I “lost” the first message to you – I hope this does not come out as the second message posted!)

  3. I am putting the final touches on my Barn Dance. In your pictures it appears that you baste the layers together in sections. I would love to be able to do my basting in my apartment rather than in my garage. Would you please drop me a note on how you do this. Thank you for all your great patterns – I have done several.

    • There’s some info on this blog post
      I pinbasted the first section I had shown in the photo, then pulled the quilt across the table towards me to get to the next section (I generally have the area already pinned in my lap/hanging from the table edge right in front of where I’m sitting and work my way across pinning from the edge right in front of me to the opposite edge of the table). I think I had to shift it three times to get across the width of it and then turned it so the edge that has hanging off the photo at the end (not side) of the table could get basted and shifted that once along it’s length. You just need to remember to re-smooth all your layers and clip them in place so you don’t cause any ripples/tucks as you are shifting things.

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