It’s Camp Loopy Time!!!

camp My favorite knitting season of the year – Camp Loopy – is upon us.  The announcement went out yesterday and you can find all the info on TLE Blog here.

There’s new rewards and other fun things planned.    And the theme this year is Dinosaur Camp (boy would I hate to make socks for them or that sweater for the brontosaurus).

Camp Store week is happening right now (discount for your camping supplies) and I normally have my order placed the same day Camp is announced but not this time — so I’m feeling a bit behind.

The June knitting camp theme is Dinosaur textures – all the textures that dinosaurs have – feathers, spikes, spots, scales, etc. so you (1) either pick a pattern with texture or (2) use a yarn that represents those textures – yarn with sparkles in it, or gradient, or speckled yarn.  Or you could do both.

I spent last night looking at all kinds of patterns and yarn but then remembered for the first project we could use our Camp Club yarn (separate club from Camp) and the first shipment should be arriving next week.  So I decided I’m not behind at all – I’m going to be surprised and use my Club yarn and once I see it, figure out what to use it for.  I do have several potential projects added to my list of Ravelry patterns but since we know the Club shipment yarn will be either have sparkles, gradient or speckled, I could use any pattern I like.  I have been eyeing the Evergreen Socks pattern – but need to see the yarn first.

Fabric Camp Loopy has the same June theme, but you can represent those dino textures through choice of pattern, fabric style or quilting to give something texture.  The sane part of me says since I have two wedding quilts to work on I shouldn’t do fabric camp — however, I seldom listen to the sane part of me.  But I will wait until the weekend to decide when I have some time to look at projects/patterns and see if anything really says MAKE ME!  (Okay I just found a really cute baby dino applique pattern…hmmmm….)