It’s a sock – a really wierd looking sock

But despite the fact that it looks like it’s made for Frankenstein’s foot when laid flat, it fits perfectly.

Part of that is because the leg is all ribbing so it pulls it in when there’s no leg in it and part is because of the way the heel is made  – more boxy.

And I like the way the shaping decreases make the stripes sort of chevron down the sides.

Since I can’t take a photo of the back of the sock when it’s on my foot – no I am not a contortionist – I put both sock blockers in it and stuffed it with a hank of yarn to get a not so great photo.


Here’s the back/heel.


And some other photos — it fits perfectly and is very comfy.  And I even managed to not get any ladders where the two circulars met, which I was a bit worried about.  For my first pair on two circulars, it went really easy once I got the hang of it and I think actually quicker because I was only dealing with 2 needles instead of four double points so not having to read just things as much.

And I like that with the circulars you can try it on as you go to get the perfect length.  About half way down the foot I tried it on and realized it was a little loose around so added a few more decreases to get it to the right fit – if it had been on double points, I wouldn’t have noticed that.  So I’m very pleased with this sock.

The last photo looks like it has a bit of a point at the heel but that’s just because the blockers still have the stuffing in them.  Now to cast on the second one and see if I can get it done before Camp Loopy starts.


2 comments on “It’s a sock – a really wierd looking sock

  1. I was anxious to see how this turned out. I gave tried some alternative shapings and as much fun as it was to make them they didn’t hold up in the wearing and ankles slipped and we’re baggy. I have timed myself with 2 circs and straight and I was faster with straights, less time used transitioning needles.

    • I was anxious too so I got as far as needing to kitchner on the bus home and then finished it off a soon as I got in the door. I think these will hold up as well as any of my other socks. The only difference is the heel but I don’t wear out the heels on my socks anyway since I don’t have shoes that rub against the back of my heels. I’m just the opposite – pulling the circs into place is much quicker for me but if I do double points I generally have stitches on four needles.

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