Decisions, completions, works in progress, and fresh from the oven

Decisions:  After a short stint searching the stash – I found the yarn I was looking for (and knew was hidden in one of those tubs) for my Joji MKAL.


I love all these colors  – while with the information given about lighter colors and darker colors etc given for a MKAL you never really know how the colors will play together – the fact that these colors are pretty much among my favorites means I’ll like it no matter what.  And I was able to keep all the yarns from the same type of yarn, Dream In Color Smooshy (which is lovely and, of course, smooshy).  Now to wait for the MKAL to start.

Completions:  Well just one – but I bound off those 670+ stitches last night and the Truffle shawl is now pinned out and blocking.  Once it’s dry I’ll show the whole thing.


Works In Progress:  These Squircles socks just keep getting more interesting.  That long rectangular section I previously showed (the heel garter strip) has now turned into this


The garter strip is in the center of the oval section.  That is not the top of the foot – that garter section goes down the back of the heel and where those two pins farthest to the right are holding it there are two stitch markers and to the right of the pins/stitchmarkers is where the heel turn area is taking place and by such a simple method – not wraps and turns etc.  And I like the way my stripes are traveling around the back heel section.

When I said unusual construction, I meant it but so interesting to see it starting to take shape.


Here’s what it looks like if the heel section is sort of pinned in place.  The top of the sock – then the back heel.  From the pink marker on the back edge, there is a line of interesting decreases.  Can’t wait to see how it looks when I get a few more steps along.

And Fresh from the Oven:


Yummm it should be cooled by now so I have to go do a taste test.

3 comments on “Decisions, completions, works in progress, and fresh from the oven

  1. LOVE your shawl! And your selection of yarns for your next project. Those socks though…I had to print the print the pattern, look at all the pictures on Ravelry, pick yarn, order yarn! I can’t wait to start them. Thanks for sharing.

    • The construction is so different but I’m enjoying it. A bit fiddly at first on two circs but I’d never tried that method before and it may be my new go-to method rather than the double points. I finally got all the decreases done so it’s just straight knitting. I was a bit concerned because the heel construction makes them look like such a boxy shape and so wide (not that I don’t have big/wide feet) but when I slipped them on (another thing not doable on double points) it was spot on. I’m now contemplating what longer color change/longer striping yarns I might have in the stash for the next pair.

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