On the Needles – May 6, 2017


There’s socks on the needles.   I have a couple sock patterns I’ve recently come across that have different construction methods than the usual sock patterns I use.  So I’ve decided to give a few of them a try.  One thing I wanted to try was using two circulars  rather than doublepoints to make socks.   About the same time as deciding I wanted to try two circs,  I happened upon the Squircle sock pattern on Ravelry which has a unique heel/gusset and is written for two circulars.  Well I opened the top tub of yarn and found this brightly colored yarn on top and got started.

There are many videos on how to knit socks on two circs – so I watched a couple of those and got started. I haven’t decided yet if I like the two circs method better – need to do more than just ribbing to decide that but the upper leg is nearly finished so I can move on to the unique garter heel strap.


The yarn for my Joji MKAl project arrived but I’m a bit … “meh…” about it.  The middle color is more pastel than I thought it would be and the solids had looked a bit more tonal in the images.  They are all nice yarns but not what I was truly envisioning from the website photos.  I bought a couple extra hanks with the thought of maybe using them with these but since the middle color is more pastel – they won’t work well with that

20170506_11The bottom three are  others that came I this yarn order (I finally sent in all my ESK winning yarn lotto tickets so they would be credited to my account and so this was all “free” using those credits). 🙂   The two semisolids are too bright to use with the original multicolored pastel yarn but oh I love them.  The one on the left bottom  would actually go good with them but I need to figure out if I want to use them together – the multicolored is not the same type of yarn as the other two and seems to be a bit thinner but will need to think about it more.

In the meantime as I was looking at some yarn I had sitting here – these two have possibilities and I could use some of the hanks from the MKAL order to go with them.


I need to do some thinking and stash diving to see what I can come up with  before May 12 when the MKAL starts.

And this is just the loveliest shade of blue which I recently ordered

20170506_3It’s part of the ESK Yarnathon special Willy Wonka inspired colorways – this one is Violet Beauregarde on Mad Tosh Twist Light.  I haven’t really cared for the prior special colors but this one I couldn’t pass up and it was lovelier in person than in the photo.  I’m thinking a pair of socks with some lovely texture for this yarn.

The poncho is slowly progressing and I nearly finished my Truffle scarf but it’s all crammed on the needles so I didn’t bother to take a photo.  The scarf ruffle is finished and just needs to be bound off.  Because the yarn I was using had a larger than normal put up, I followed the percentage formula in the pattern to make the most of my yarn – which also means more stitches in the ruffle – so I’ve got over 670 stitches to bind off!  Not difficult – just time consuming – but I hope to finish it tonight.

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  1. I looked at the reference you gave for the unusual sock pattern and it was intriguing. I have done a full pair of socks on anything but dpns, but who knows, this might be a place to try another needle. I will wait to see how you liked the method and how they look finished, before making any major decisions. 🙂 Love the yarns you showed for the MKAL.

  2. Love the yarn you are using for the socks… I started doing socks with DPN and didn’t like them… so I moved onto 2 circs and I liked that but I really love Magic Loop with one long circular… it is all I do now.

    Oh picking yarn online is tough… I have lots of pretty skeins that when they arrived weren’t what I thought they were going to be… good luck with the skeins you received… they are pretty!

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