KAL preparation

IMG_5774_Rhapsody_Kal_mediumThe Rhapody KAL starts tomorrow (final reminder) 🙂  and since I am being the laziest person in the world today (I did tidy the kitchen a bit and toss a load in the washer but otherwise have been puttering and ignoring the chaos all around me that I should be tidying up) I pulled out my yarn for this and got it wound.

This was my original choice but then as I knit the first row I realized my multicolored yarn for the stripes has too much of my background color in it.

20170430_6It would still work fairly well – the test knit I did of this pattern I had the same thing – small spots of blue and blue/green in my striping yarn blended into my background so the stripes would sort of disappear for a few stitches.

Here’s the first one I made.


So I knew I had some MadTosh in the Antler colorway (off white) in the stash.  So now I will have a light background and I think it will be a great spring/summer shawl.