On the Needles ——– April 29, 2017

Oh goodness, as I type the date I think – end of April already????  Seems like it was just January (though I do not want snow) but we do finally have blooming tulips and the tulip trees, and other flowering crab type trees are starting to bloom so it’s a pretty Spring finally (except for the last three rainy days and the next several to come – but it could be worse – it could be snow). 🙂

Now back to my original train of thought – what’s on the needles.   I might have cast on a new project earlier this week – yes going a bit crazy with new projects since I have a couple KALs (knit a-longs) coming up in May. poncho

But I had seen a pattern for a child’s poncho — which is not your mother’s poncho — you know the ones many of us wore when we  were in our teens – basically the big square with a hole in it so you had corner points hanging down in front and back and at arms – yep sort of like that, and I thought I was totally cool when wearing it too.  Don’t get me wrong – this style of poncho has made a comeback as many styles do – but there are so many new shapes and sizes and styles of ponchos.   Back to the child’s version – I saw the Ea’s Poncho on Ravelry and it’s so adorable.  To me this style is sort of a hybrid poncho – easy to toss on over something, buttons down the sides by comfy and cozy to wear and doesn’t interfere with your movement or your arms getting tangled in fringe. 🙂     I think my great niece may need one of those at some point in the future.

20170429_5.JPGBut then I saw the designer was working on an adult version which was released last fall.  I love this.  It’s got a lovely lace panel up the center front and back and it goes across the shoulders of the raglan-type sleeve openings.  I have a store bought version of similar style with a cowl neck that I love so I think I really need one of these for myself but first I have to figure out the sizing.  That’s the one thing that’s sort of lacking.  It comes in S, M, L XL but doesn’t give any inch or cm measurements as to what those correlate to.   I’m sure I need to add more stitches to make one for myself as well as added length but need a base size to figure that off of.  So I decided to make one as a gift for someone else (keeping my fingers crossed it will fit).  It’s a forgiving style – loose and comfy – but still I’d like it too look great of course.  So I stole some yarn I had in the stash for another project that I decided I might not like for various reasons and repurposed part of that yarn for this project.

20170427_1I’ve got plenty of this Kenzie yarn and it’s a great color – sort of heathered looking – and I had previously knit a swatch which instantly made me ditch the other project I had planned for it and decide I really needed a sweater out of it.  So I’ll get a second color to go with the gray I have that I’m planning a sweater out of and use this color for the poncho….. and it’s looking great.


Since it had stopped raining for a bit this morning, I quickly spread this out on two needles (from having it all scrunched up on one) so I could see how big it was getting and how it looked so far.  I love the color, the yarn, and the pattern which is quite easy so far.  I just might have picked the correct size for the gift recipient but I won’t be able to tell until I get to where the “sleeve” edges get gound off.

And I love the lace stitch – also very easy since only one out of four rows is patterned.  And it will be even prettier opened up when blocked.   You can see sort of little whispy hairs on the yarn — no I have not gotten a cat (((shudder)))) –   it’s the blend of yarn which 20170429_4

consists of New Zealand Merino, Nylon and a touch of Angora, Alpaca and Silk.  It feels so lovely.  (and cat lovers – no need to leave comments regarding my dislike of cats – I’m allergic and just looking at cat photos makes me itch!).20170325_13

I also need to get this yarn caked this weekend since the KAL starts May 1 and runs through the end of July – three months to make this very easy, relaxing knit.









and then there’s the Joji Mystery Wrap KAL that starts later in May that I showed you the yarn I’m using in the last blog post.  Yep – I’ll be busy since I’m also still working on my second quarterly KAL project for the ESK Yarnathon.

But enough dreaming about knitting projects – I’ve got some cleaning to do, laundry, and maybe some baking before I head into the sewing room to layer a quilt for quilting. So I’d better get busy.