MKAL – Joji Mystery Wrap

Because you can never have too many knitting projects on the needles (and I did finish and get several off the needles in the last two weeks), I decided to participate in the Joji Mystery Wrap which starts May 12.   Info can be found at the link.   I like doing mysteries if it’s someone whose designs I normally like (whether mystery quilts or mystery knit-alongs).   And I do love many of Joji’s designs and since this one is a rectangular wrap – it’s all good (since there are certain types of other shawl shapes I don’t care for).  Of course the hardest part is picking out colors but she gives a guide as to light, dark, medium, accent color etc. so in the end I picked a multicolor I liked and worked my way through the other colors from there.


There are what I’ve chosen – tho I  need to see the multicolor in real life this is just a website image – to make sure the rest of the colors are keepers but I think they are.

Anyone else doing this MKAL?